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HCK! Turns 2 … Our 100th mixtape!

28 Mar

Remember Me

It’s hard to believe but it’s been over two years since HCK!’s first offering. We’ve come a long way, the growth is apparent, looking back at those first posts is a rad experience realizing just how tangible of a difference between then and now there is and how many people have helped to make this one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This also marks the 100th post for HCK! making today’s mix all that more important for me to get right. Continue reading

The Sun May Rise Where We Come From But Here Is Where It Sets

22 Jan

HCK! January Cover Continue reading

Remembering Is Nothing

28 May

I moved [again] last week so I’ve been without internet which is why there wasn’t any new music from Heycoolkid! these last few days… I’m about to make up for it in a big way.

If you can’t find something to love with your entire being on this week’s mix maybe I could direct you to something more your taste: Link. There’s a little bit of everything mixed in from just released to mid-nineties greatness, all genre’s are touched upon and each song I’ve been digging on a personal level for a few days now.

Also, I realize I’ve been neglecting the playlist aspect of HCK! for a few months, which is personally one of my favoritists things in the world, so in the coming weeks I’ll be making up for lost time with one hell of a Summer mixtape and a four part series I’ve been compiling for over a year now. Yesterday I asked via Facebook for suggestions to be included on said Summer Mix, if you’ve got any input head over there and make your opinion official.

I realize on a good day my writing is bordering on elementary yet I do want to point out that it is four-thirty in the morning and I’m sitting at a coffee shop (internet is still down) trying to get this up before going home and calling it a night so there may be some outrageous errors due to a lack of opportunity to proof-read and still get this up without putting it off another day. Enough of that… here’s the music to help find some comfort within the chaos, hopefully it will help us in realizing something new about ourselves.

[Download the entire zip file here]

Continue reading

No One Wake Me Now, I Want To Dream Until It’s True

17 Apr

I’ve been working a lot of doubles and overtime lately, today was set to be my day off but about an hour into my first taste of sleep since Saturday night I got called in. Sure I could rant about how I’m overworked and whatever but I chose to give up my day off to jump back on the hamster wheel when I easily could have kept from answering my phone or simply said no, I didn’t so in the end it was my decision.

As I’m piecing together this weeks mix I’m sitting on the patio at Epoch Coffee it is 80 degrees with a breeze, I have  a triple latte and a Camel Light sitting in front of me,  all things considered life is good… just one more reason I’m falling in love with Austin at an alarming rate.

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