winterishly trapped

7 Feb

Since it seems the entire midwest is trapped under an old testament act of god, here’s what’s helping me stop myself from accomplishing anything remotely productive.

1.Eric &MaGill- Old Man Winter

Michigan’s history of bands that  perfectly craft captivating minimalistic ambiant hyms is more than enough reason to give Eric and Magill a try, they far from disappoint. Plus Tim Showalter’s been pushing these guys like it’s his job (and for good reason)

Eric & MaGill- Old Man Winter

Snatch the entire al b um(FREE) here:

2. Ben Weaver-East Jefferson

For some r eason every time this song comes on i immediately imagine myself coming home late at night with a car full of sleeping friends from some epic road trip. Which makes this song more than fitting for today’s playlist…words can’t describe how much i’d rather be on a summer road trip with friends instead of knowing there’s nearly a foot of suck just outside my window.

Ben Weaver- East Jefferson

3.The Love Language- Providence

It seems that people say one of two things when i bring up the love language: The first being that Libraries was one of the best albums to come out last year (made number one on my list) or the second being that they haven’t heard of them which usually prompts me to offer them twenty dollars to burn their nickleback shirts and to try out some real music for once (the second isn’t really true because if i were to see someone in a nickleback shirt I can only imagine i’d be more likely to pray for them than to strike up a conversation about music)

The love Language- Providence

4.Matthew and the atlas- I will remain

It amazes me these guys are still floating under the radar.  The North EP is short and perfectly sweet.  They are on my must see live list for this year.

Matthew and the atlas- i will remain

5.  The head and the heart-winter song

The Head and the heart are my favorite band out . I can’t get enough of their songs. They just signed with sub pop about a month ago which basically means they’re about to conquer the world. They’ll be here in Indy with Iron and Wine in april (um YESSS!!!!)

The head and the heart-winter song

6.Wild Nothing- Live in dreams

I was listening to High Highs’ version of this song for a couple of months before i even heard the original, at first i wasn’t sure which i liked better but the original definitely draws out a rawer emotion than high highs. I’m sure if i’d listened to Wild Nothing sooner i wouldn’t even be bringing up the high highs version but there will always be a special place in my heart for any cover song that effectively shifts the overall feel of a song.

Wild Nothing- Live in dreams

high highs- live in dreams (wild nothing cover)

7.Sun Airway-put the days away

Sun Airway is another band that’s been stuck in rotation on my ipod. And every time i become passive to one of these guys’ songs another one comes up for me to fall in love with. my addiction has gone in the order as follows oh, naoko-waiting on you-put the days away

Sun Airway-put the days away

8.Dale Earnhardt jr. jr- Vocal Chords (Diego And The Dissidents Remix)

Does anyone remember those dinosaurs we had as kids that were really tiny pieces of somewhat rubber and then you’d put them in a sink full of water and they’d grow more and more each day, i actually had trouble sleeping once as a kid because i thought it was going to grow to such a size that it wouldn’t fit in my bathroom anymore and then would probably become a real life blue triceratops that i could take with me on  “bring your pet to school day” in the second grade. Although i never ended up with my own blue dinosaur Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are like that for me and if i had to put my finger on this version is kind of like the water.

Dale Earnhardt jr. jr- Vocal Chords (Diego And The Dissidents Remix)

9. wolf gang- lions in cages

10.Cut Copy- Take me over

11.Jamaica- I think i like u 2

It seems like every blog I’ve come across has been completely infatuated by jamaica. I didn’t care for their band name so i didn’t give them a chance last year. i know it’s one of the lamest reasons not to listen to a band but occasionally i succumb to it. I should have learned my lesson after Margot was already signed before i gave them a chance. Which was a huge loss for me seeing how they haven’t made an album i’ve appreciated since dust of retreat [which is hands down one of the best albums made in my lifetime] . In my defense i wasn’t twenty one when they were playing the local scene so outside of the occasional nuvo article praising them as the greatest thing to happen in indy since Ryan Adams was spotted at the bagel Deli i was underexposed.

Jamaica- I think i like u 2

12. Lost in the Trees- Fireplace

Lost in the trees are basically what saves the day would have sounded like had they evolved.

Lost in the Trees- Fireplace

13.The Go! Team- Voice yr choice

14.Conrad Plymouth-Fergus Falls

Another solo artist creating amazing music after helping create amazing music just in a different way (?!?) and just like Bon Iver he was once part of megafaun and although Bon Iver seems to create just as much good in either outlet Conrad Plymouth’s strength is on his own. Which makes it a trifecta win for all of us who’ve been paying attention.

Conrad Plymouth-Fergus Falls

15.Strand Of Oaks- Bonfire

Strand of oaks  will be here soon (@ the bishop) with Joe Pug which promises to be a great(capital G)  show!

Strand Of Oaks- Bonfire

16.Arcade Fire- SprawlII (mountains beyond mountains)

Just when i think i’m ready to throw this album on the shelf i find myself addicted to another track. As of late it’s sprawlII partially because i can’t get enough of regine’s voice which is always used too sparingly on their albums and partially because of whenever they do have her sing it puts their music in a whole different genre.either way the lyrics are arcade fireishly perfect (as always).

Arcade fire- Sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains

17.Beat Radio- The World is Ours

18. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

So For a while there i felt like i no longer was into lcd. Then out of nowhere i got hooked again. I know this song is years old but it’s new to me and the lyrics are perfectly fitting for where i’m at in life.

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

19. Chairs in the Arno- Winter Song

I heard about these guys maybe three years ago and have heard absolutely nothing else since a friend put them on a mix for me, meh it happens, Still this is what i’m thinking about with the holy cussing snowsuck outside so i’m putting it on todays playlist.

Chairs in the Arno- Winter Song

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