Februaryish Mix

27 Feb

1.Oh No! Yoko- 90s kids

every ounce of me wants to hate this song but i can’t.Just like riding a razor scooter you know how it looks to others and you know not all of your friends are going to understand but that doesn’t matter because  it just feels right

2.acid house kings-are we lovers or are we friends?

Before heading down to bloomington last week I was making up a mix for my brother and originally slated this as track one. Then after wise considerations scratched it all together, i’m not sure our relationship has quite reached that point yet

3.Ducktails featuring panda bear- killin’ the vibe

I realize that almost every blog in the next three months will have something panda bear related. We all except that noah lennox is brilliant, this song is on the mix to make it crystal clear—-“sometimes it’s alright to be part of the machine”

4. i’m tuning into- I’m Going

This song makes me wish my girlfriend was more into indie just so i could make this a  track one on her next mix.

5. The Bees- I Really Need Love

6. Smith Westerns-Still New

i’m still touch and go with smith westerns, i haven’t figured out yet whether they are just a flavor of the week or if they are really something worth investing in. SXSW should give me a better idea

7. Wild Life- Drunken Heart

8. Meeting of Important People- I know every street

9. Cotton Jones- Somehow To Keep It Going

10. Neighbors-Hooligans

11. Telekinesis-Car Crash

“love comes and goes and everything flows til you feel so lonely

you still feel so broken

it’s a chemical reaction based upon attraction

will i die alone, you know i’m so concerned, you know i’m so confused

like a lost child, little lost child”

12. Bright Eyes-Shell Games

” My private life is an inside joke, no one will explain it to me”

maybe my album review wasn’t completely honest when i started talking about the personal depth of  the lyrics on this album.  The more i listen the more the subtleties come to surface, this may actually be the most honest album connor has put out (okay second most  I’m wide awake it’s morning goes without saying is  the most honest album he’s done. Wait,crap, make it third because it’s not fever’s and mirrors either). I think what will throw most people off on the people’s key is that the tone of of the songs rarely match with the sentiment actually involved with the song…outside of ladder song and one for you one for me… which by the way makes this the strongest closing on a conner oberst album as of yet.

13. Tigers That Talked- The Merchant

14.  Braids-Lemonade

15.Panda Bear- Last Night at the Jetty

I’m still calling tomboy indie’s chinese democracy until i’ve pirated the album myself (there’s no way i’m paying for it after the wait…UNLESS it’s amazing, which IT WILL BE then i’ll buy it at the show)

(this video….UM YESSS!!!!)

16.jenny owen Youngs- Led to the Sea

17.Emma hill and Her Gentleman Callers- All That Might Have Been

Look the second this song came up i wanted to toss it to the trash, then about thirty seconds in i realized there’s actually something great being said.  I’d like to see the tiller’s cover this song...someone make it happen!!!

18.houses-this is war

19.Jarrod Gorbel- Ten Years Older

I kind of always felt like The honorary title was more of a moniker anyways, so when i hear people getting up in arms about the Gorbel solo album, what else is to be said other than “really?”. I will say this one is way too commercial sounding overall but the lyric strength is still there maybe not as jaded and angsty but this is still a personal album.    ATTENTION HIPSTERS: you act like bands only have one good album in them. I get it the more albums, the more people are exposed to there music the less inclusive it feels, stop being so damn arrogant if it’s good listen to it or at the least stop trashing it because they don’t live in brooklyn.

20.yeasayer- I Remember (Painted Palms Remix)

Yeasayer dropped a sweet little Ep off on valentines day with two I Remember remixes one of my favorite songs on odd blood. Pick it up yo self here:  http://yeasayer.net/valentines/

21.Fleet Foxes- helplessness Blues

………….I have every intention of throwing a few wentworth Kesey songs on upcoming playlists. Before that happens check out this video. The texture tastes so00 good (both in sight and sound)

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