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3 Mar

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I had the chance to check these guys out at the Maps and Atlases show back in January. I’d heard a little about them before and listened to what I could from limited sources online and from what little I could find was interested. I tried getting my friends who were hitting up the M@A show with me into them but really no one took the bait. I guess when i tell someone that “they sound like u2 if  u2 were actually talented” i should have expected their lack of excitement. Seriously if I heard those words  from someone else my first thought would be, “who the hell wants to hear a better version of u2” accompanied instantaneously with a vision of the dude saying “I f*&king hate u2” from the backseat of a taxi.

(For why i hate u2 scroll to the bottom of the page)

I probably was so excited out of the gate because I’d been told that this was “Early Day Miners’ new band” (which is one of the best bands to have ever called Indiana home) so there i was patiently waiting for the show to start, probably had a pbr in my hand (why be modest) i had a pbr in my hand, someone probably said something like “do you think panda bear will actually put out tomboy in march,” and i probably silently responded in my head “do you think panda bear will put out tomboy ever?” very Socraticly I might add but  when they took the stage three things were apparent 1) this isn’t the Early Day Miners (turns out only their drummer is in EDM) 2) these guys have incredible stage presence 3) outside of the female in the band they have horrible taste in clothing. I’m guessing the get-up was more so they don’t look as much like a pop group as they sound. Plus in a room full of scene kids whose judging whose attire? Unless ironically of course. By the end of their set i was sold, as was the crowd. After seeing them live I’m nowhere near surprised about the buzz going around, even though they seem extremely new to playing in Indy.

If i were to describe dreamers on a comparison only basis  of course U2 would inevitably come up as would late eighties Springsteen but neither comparison does them justice. What they really are is a band with more confidence than any other band in Indy and faith in their songs that is unmatched, especially Luke Jones who not only believes in what he’s saying I’m pretty sure it would offend him if you didn’t as well. I’m not the only one feeling this way either, it seems like every time I check up on these guys something big is happening for them, hell at this pace they’ll be destroying arena’s (and this is about the only band that I would ever wish that upon because they kind of have a sound that is meant for that and won’t have to sell out to make it happen) before anyone around knows where they are from.

Here’s a video from their set at the maps and atlases show

Find out more about dreamers of the ghetto here: Dreamers of the ghetto tumblr

and here: dreamers of the ghetto on facebook

pick up there album or listen to it stream here: Dreamers of the ghetto bandcamp page

Why I strongly dislike u2


Anyone who follows sports realize that  referees regularly make bad calls, sometimes these bad calls are the kind that could change the entire game. Now these refs know that they have screwed up but they can’t exactly take  it back and say ” yeah, I got that wrong” even if we already know it. So what they do is make what is often referred to as a “ghost call” where a few minutes later they will blow the whistle for something  equally ignorant  but against the opposite team as the first one thus apologizing for there own stupidity without ever having said anything.

This is basically what has happened with u2. Everyone agrees that War was a brilliant album only the problem is everyone agrees with that now, when it came out fans were up in arms about the critical snub they were getting. Then u2 followed it up with the most obvious sell-out album (ie decided to go in a creatively different direction, at the advice of Brian Eno i might add) and we’re not talking sell-out as in signing to a major label, much worse than that they aspired to make radio friendly singles (think nickleback and kid rock songs had they came out in the early 80’s). Now i’m not sure which happened, either critics felt bad for having missed the boat with war or it has more to do with the fact that critics obviously have horrible tastes (for a modern example of the same thing happening look at reviews for kings of leon’s last two albums which obviously ARE NOT aha shake), either way the unforgettable fire took second to Jesus in the amount of praise thrown out which led to Joshua Tree (which won a grammy *meh*) which somehow has led to that album with vertigo on it and an itunes commercial, which makes me even more thankful for not watching tv.

why rant about u2, aren’t I setting myself up for unnecessary criticism or at least why would i waste the time in my life to write out an unnecessary paragraph? Well that’s an easy one to answer.  I have a personal grudge against u2 and for two reasons; one when i see them they look like the most contrived image of uncool people trying to be cool since i last watched the MTV music awards and secondly (this is the BIG one) i honestly think Bono may be one of the most brilliant people on the planet yet still he continues to create crap. I blame the critics, had they praised the correct album then I truly believe u2 would have stayed the course rather than going in a different direction.

U2 is still a rock band and the downfall with “Rock” bands is that they are insecure bitches that need reassurance about everything they do to know whether it is good or not. If lame forty-five year olds with a desk and a title aren’t pushing their albums through corporate-controlled magazines then they think it’s a sign that what they are doing is not good. This is the same reason why you see all these kids looking like walking Alternative Press catalogs because of a desire to “be cool” without actually being cool. They mistakenly buy into all the cool is an image bullshit. You know when you’re around someone who is cool because they are clever and intelligent and someone you like having a couple of beers with. Would anyone say that about you? How you answer that determines whether you are in fact “cool” or just trendy. Bono and the boys have been following trends trying to be cool longer than I’ve been alive and it’s fucking annoying.

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