RADNOTBAD: Strand Of Oaks

29 Mar

As if we needed another reason to love Strand Of Oaks.

Hear Ya just put out a Strand Of Oaks session. No need to tell you how great the session is because it’s Strand Of  Oaks but i will say tim showalter did out-do himself by covering one of damien jurado’s amazing songs.  It took me a few seconds to buy in to this version of ohio since it’s much more stripped down, but by  dropping the rhythm aspect of  the original picking style Tim’s version brings out a desperation in the song that before had just been an undercurrent. Hope you guys like it as much as i do, it’s depressingly perfect.  Good thing there’s not a strand of oaks cover of medication out there, i’m not sure i’d be able to type through the tears.

hearya session86-Strand of oaks- Ohio (damien Jurado cover)

check the entire session and article out here: Strand of oaks- hear ya live

Strand of Oaks will be stopping in Bloomington at the end of April with Joe Pug.

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