Soak it up

4 May

Even though it’s stormed like hell so far it seems like May is going to be a great month.

Allo Darlin- The Polaroid Song

I’m yet to find a song by Allo Darlin’ that i don’t absolutely love.  Such a great band to put me in a good mood and motivate me to go out and enjoy my life.

Thao witht he get down stay down- bag of hammers

Lovett- The Fear

Digitalism- 2 Hearts

2011 has shown no shortage of buzzworthy tracks. This is my first taste of digitalism.  It’s fairly easy to spot a track out of  germany but falling into a niche’ isn’t a negative if it’s done well. I’m looking forward to hearing what else these guys can come up with.

Cassettes won\’t listen- the echoes

Houses- Soak It Up

This song has successfully made it on almost every mix i’ve made for myself  over the last five months. Houses let this song breathe just long enough that when the line “soak it up”  hits it’s almost addicting. So simple and so damn good.

Small Sur- Everyone

I wish i could say i was one of the first with my ears on Small Sur. It seems they’ve been name dropped into the majority of  music related conversations i’ve been in lately. I finally got around to giving them a chance last week and here it is. I feel like i’m following suit by putting it on the heycoolkid! page since I’m having trouble finding other music pages who haven’t already spread some scene love out to Small Sur but they seem good enough to deserve it.

Social Studies- weathered White

I loved Social Studies before i’d even heard them. One of the best band names ever. By the time i gave them a listen all they had to do was not let me down and they haven’t.

Birdy- skinny love (bon iver cover)

The odds are likely that birdy will end up doing adele style pop by the time she can legally buy a pack of american spirits.  But at fourteen Jasmine Van den Bogaerde sure knows how to make a great cover song. I’m not holding the fact that she was on uk idol against her because she’s too young to know better. Of course american idol has given us such great artist that i don’t know why i’d be biased, who can argue that daughtry may be the greatest thing to happen to music state-side since buddy holly (it’s rather depressing that it’s necessary for me to point out that this statement is a joke). Then again sonny moore was screaming his soul with saosin at fifteen and now is the best thing dubstep has to offer (this statement is not a joke) so maybe there’s hope for young jasmine.

Tulsa- Shaker

Cary Judd- The Lights Are Always On

If you play music and you don’t connect with this song wait until you’ve been on tour for a few weeks.  I almost always find myself playing this song alongside blake skidmore’s august breeze they seem to work well together.

Ghosts ive met- blackwoods

The Ambience Affair- Fragile Things

Maybe it’s the accent but The Ambience Affair remind me like a less angry We Were Promised Jet Packs (who by the way are near the top of my list of  Best Bands To See Live).  These guys are Irish though so it’s different (right?).  A great band to skate to though (or in my case attempt to skate to).

New Romans Times- VCR

Ice Black Birds- 22 22

I’ve been trying to fit this song onto a playlist for a while now. It’s not similar to what i’m usually getting down on so it’s hard finding a slot where it flows into a mix. That’s not to say anything negative about Ice Black Birds or the music they create. They’re good at what they do or i wouldn’t put them up at all.

Venice Is Sinking- Tugboat

Snowden- No One In Control

This song is well enough done that i’m willing to over look the rhianna sounding  “yeah Yeah yeah” part. Unless it turns out that this phenomenally written song is actually about some sort of  weather protection device i’m going  to continue doing just that.

as usual if you represent an artist whose songs are on this page and would like it removed i’ll be more than happy to both oblige and never recommend their music in a positive light again, that’s the agreement. I completely understand a bands  need to make money so they can continue making art but spreading some free love from time to time is really the most humble and appreciated thing i’ve come to appreciate about bands. Also if there’s any music i’m missing or missing the point on here’s the comments section… i’m listening:)

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    I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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      Tell your cousin thanks, i’m pretty sure i’m not him

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