Dear Ryan, We Knew You Couldn’t Stay Gone Long!!!!

6 May

I had every intention of waiting until the next playlist to share one of Ryan Adams new songs but i’m seeing now that the tracks he played last week in l.a. are far too great to water down amongst twenty other tracks. This stuff is Adams at his best. I’m only holding my breath now that Glyn Johns doesn’t try to over-do it in the studio. Am i out of line to be concerned about how the new album may turn out? I don’t think so. Maybe the fact that the best songs Adams has put out recently were tracks that the label didn’t think were strong enough to put on easy tiger. Adams songs are always spot on or completely off the mark and lost highway has a long track record with it’s artists of not being able to tell the difference. I blame the lackluster adams songs of the past on two facts; the first being that his songs are meant to be stripped down and live sounding instead of overproduced and wilco sounding (look forward to the top twenty-five most overrated bands blog [coming soon  someones going to get offended] )-this is the labels fault- and the second being Ryan Adams’ long history of trying to do too much (i blame this on bright eyes’ double album release in 2005) by trying to prove he’s a “talented musician” rather than an amazing songwriter, anyone who’s ever taken the time to listen to Ryan knows he’s great at what he does and one of the best EVER at doing it (this statement excludes easy tiger which by all means was nothing more than a “decent” album heavily pushed by a record label).

Its offensive to see how many people  received The Cardinology albums with a yawn when they were highly listenable albums, stripped down in a good way, with the only set back being they moved at there own pace rather than having that touch of frantic youth appeal of his early albums. But artists settle down in time, lose the edge a little, that’s not always a bad thing as long as settle doesn’t equate out to selling out.  These new songs follow in the same vein as those easy tiger b-sides, there’s not backtracking, no attempt at trying to recreate the past, and thank god for that. I’d much rather put on an old record than buy a new album that’s trying to sound like one. These new  songs are personal and deeply revealing, i feel like this track in particular gets him back to the Ryan our hearts long for. Let’s just hope he’s moved past the need to prove himself because i can’t sit through another adams metal track. This is the  ryan that is like the best friend who, when you tell them you’re depressed or going through a break up, are always there, not so much to give you a hug or play Dr. Phil but instead  go halfsy’s on a handle of bourbon and make a night out of it. Those are the kind of friends we need, that is the Ryan we need, and even if he never wanted to be on that end of a relationship with us he’s locked in either way.

One thing that rarely happens with bands/artists is that they hardly ever grow up with us. They find a certain sound and a definitive niche to fall into and they stick with it. For commercial bands this sells records (ie nickleback, tom petty, the rolling stones etc)  but for bands outside of mainstream pop-culture bands that do this just find that the kids that once loved them grow up and move on leaving them in the past.  Ryan Adams albums are the complete opposite of that, no matter where i’m at in life or in dealing with my place in the world in this exact moment Adams always seems to be right there with me, he gets it when no one else does, it’s as if each album ages at the same pace as my own life. God i’m so glad he didn’t really give up.

This is my favorite of the leaked tracks.

Ryan Adams -“Only If We’re Lucky Now (Early live leak)”[mp3]


I don’t remember were we wild and young
All that faded into memory
I feel like somebody I don’t know
Are we really who we used to be
Am I really who I was
The lights will draw you in
And the dark will bring you down
And the night will break your heart
But only if you’re lucky now

Waiting outside while you find your keys
Like bags of trash in the blackening snow
City of neon and toes that freeze
We’ve got nothing and nowhere to go
We’ve got nothing and nowhere
And the lights will draw you in
And the dark will take you down
The night will break your heart
But only if you’re lucky now

And if the lights will draw you in
And the dark will take you down
But love will mend your heart
But only if you’re lucky now

I don’t remember were we wild and young
All that’s faded into memory
Are we really who we used to be
Am I really who I used to be
Am I really who I was

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  1. Sondi September 22, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    Please teach the rest of these inertnet hooligans how to write and research!


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