Trapped in time. Surrounded by Evil. Low on gas (part 2)

29 May


There comes a point on any cruise where a pit stop stop is needed, a chance to stretch your legs and feel some movement. Most often in high school this would be either a haunted cemetery these are common in indiana…. (Stepp Cemetery is probably the best for a road trip), a pond in the middle of nowhere, or  my favorite is this  abandoned train depot in atterbury ( you drive along the tracks for a half a mile and drive right up onto the platform. Great place to relax and take in an unadulterated view of the night sky).  Where you stop isn’t important just for you to be alone  in the middle of nowhere while you are there is. We usually head from there to the nearest gas station to fill our hands with fountain drinks and sometimes more food for the munchies. Girls always get beef jerky which has confused me for years, i’m not really sure why this seems strange to me but it always does.

This is the point in any great cruising mix where the songs date back to a time when songs meant something as a collective for you and your friends. Even if you didn’t grow up together there are songs that are universal. example: i had a house party four years ago where one of my roommates (brooke) decided to play ohio is for lovers by hawthorne heights and i saw an entire house of (no offense) pretentious hipsters lose themselves in a nostalgic frenzy, i thought it was a joke for the first minute and a half. Songs from our past stick with us, you want to bring that along to make the road trip great.

Part 2

The Collective:

The Ataris- In This Diary

The Scene Aesthetic- Beauty in the Breakdown

Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American

Bryan Adams- Summer of 69

John Lennon- Give Peace A Chance

Joe Cocker- With A Little Help From My Friends

Blitzen Trapper- Furr

Paul Baribeau- Ten Things



kimya dawson- My Rollercoaster

Bright Eyes- Lover I don\’t Have to love

Taking Back Sunday- Cute Without The E (cut from the team)

Jacks Mannequin- Holiday From Real

Dashboard Confessional- Hands Down

Straylight Run- Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

The Gaslight Anthem- Blue Jeans and White T Shirts

Third Eye Blind- Motorcycle Drive-by

Augustana- Twenty Years

Cat Stevens- The wind

Will Hoge- Even if it breaks your heart



Stars- Ageless Beauty

Phineas and the lonely leaves- We Were Young

Bright Eyes- We are nowhere and it\’s now

Simon and Garfunkel- America

Alex Drumm- sparks in the grass

Jimmy Eat World- My Sundown

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