“Trapped in time. Surrounded by Evil. Low on gas”….or the art of making a perfect mix for cruising at night (part 3)

1 Jun

Now for the third and finally aspect of a great night cruise mix. This is the part i love the most. These are the songs i basically have planned out a year in advance. The songs for the quite ride home. When you’ve decided it’s time to head back in and call it a night. Any conversations at this point will have meaning and depth…real. Never underestimate the importance of songs that you internalize immediately (see big red marbles’ “make that call” from my This playlist is better than most relationships i\’ve been in  post i put up back in march). There’s a reason for late night mixes and this is one of them. Most times mixes miss the mark at this part only from a conscious effort to avoid sad songs or to attempt to not hit touchy subjects ( ie cheating girlfriends/boyfriends, bad relationships, the feeling of being trapped in some no name town in the sorrowful midwest for the rest of your life etc…). This is not the time to avoid feelings! This is one of the few chances to embrace them as a collective. It amazes me how many songs have made it onto nearly every night mix i’ve ever made (konstantine, seven years, and on your porch) and which songs will most likely never be on another playlist that once meant everything to me (Fly By Night- This Cold Can’t Last and good charlotte’s emotionless are two good examples) sure some songs could be compared to wine but then again some age like cigarrettes.     That being said…

Part 3

The ride home:


Noah and the Whale- Blue Skies

Romany Rye- All The Boys

Megafaun- Worried Mind

put worried mind on a mix and tell me that the entire car doesn’t completely settle into an almost famous moment



Deer Tick- Twenty Miles

Whiskeytown- Jacksonville Skyline

Bird Call- Lost Cause (beck Cover)

The Format- On Your Porch

Counting Crows- Holiday in Spain

The Head and the Heart- Down In The Valley

The head and the heart are by far my favorite band to come around in the last few years so you know i’m excited to see them at the vogue next week. I’ve been hearing them come up on our satellite radio channel at work so it may not be long until they are nolonger just my band any more (sad). If your in town make sure to check them opening for Iron and Wine.


The Wooden Sky- The wooden sky

Dave Armstrong- Violin

i just found Dave Armstrong randomly on bandcamp last week and so far i have really enjoyed what i’ve  listened to. This song oddly reminds me of a mixture between glen hansard and the dracula song from forgetting sarah marshall (just me?) and that’s to be taken as a compliment.


John Nolan- Peach Plum Pear ( joanna newsom cover)

Death Cab For Cutie- Lack Of Color

Bon Iver- Blood Bank

He’ll be here in July!!!


Denison Witmer- Little Flowers

Ha Ha Tonka- Close every valve to your bleeding heart (acoustic)

Red House Painters- Have you Forgotten

There aren’t many songs better than this one


Death Cab For Cutie- Passanger seat

I’m breaking one of the golden rules of mix making….never put two songs by the same band on a playlist. Death Cabs worth the exception when it comes to road trips at night

Rocky Votolato- Mixtapes/cellmates

Shawn Mullens- Twin Rocks, Oregon

Jesse Lacey- Upward Over The Mountain (iron and wine cover)

Ryan Adams- Memory Lane

Saosin- Seven Years (acoustic)

Something Corporate- Konstantine (live)

Despite what anyone might think konstantine remains to this day my favorite song of all time. I listened to this song at least once a day for three years straight. One day i listened to it on repeat for an entire day just to try and get sick of it and couldn’t. Everytime it comes on i take a completely different meaning from it. It always seems relevant to my life and my own personal experiences. Ten minutes of perfection. And the odd thing is that i one-hundred percent understand what those friends of mine are saying when they tell me how much they do not like this song, I don’t expect them to get it and i’m kind of glad they don’t.


I’m really interested to know which songs you would put on a mix like this instead of these songs…..

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