Bright Eyes and the reasons you should love Conor Oberst

4 Aug

There are very few shows that i get geeked out about anymore, in the last two years there’s been only three that i can think of; The Gaslight Anthem, The Head and the Heart, and tonights bright eyes show. Don’t take that the wrong way shows like the rural alberta advantage, maps and atlases, and the upcoming yuck show all get me excited. What has made thosethree out of the hundreds of great bands that have come through indy different is that bands either never stop here when on tour (the gaslight anthem), are someone i had been overwhelmingly stoked about before they’d ever really toured (the head and the heart), or they’ve spent the majority of my adult life focusing on other endeavors which has been the case for Bright Eyes.  It seemed like as soon as Conor released cassadaga he started focusing on other projects. Which since he is arguably the best artist alive today (i could put up a good fight in defense of that statement…I’m sure tim kasher would love to be on the other end of that fight) it hasn’t been a loss to us as fans because there’s been an unbelievable amount of great songs he’s put out with the mystic valley band and with Monsters of Folk. But in the process of spreading his proverbial wings there’s been a longing in part of me that missed the dynamic that was Bright Eyes and more-so how that dynamic connected with me in a way that no other artist ever has and most likely ever will.  So tonight i’m turning a blind eye to a few convictions of mine and heading over to the Murat to see what could very possibly be my last chance to see Conor Oberst perform under the Bright Eyes banner.   A blind eye? Well i do everything in my power never to support a show that is done through live nation. I’m also wondering why all of a sudden Conor is willing to do the same thing since he spent all those angsty years degrading and demoralizing live nation and the venues that allow live nation to sell their tickets. I’m willing to overlook those convictions just this once and i have no regrets about it.

So the whole purpose of this post comes from a few recent conversations i’ve been in where the other person, despite their usual familiarity with indie music have admittedly come out and said that they really aren’t that aware of bright eyes and what his music sounds like. I’m not sure how something like that could happen  but it just seems rather tragic for someone who is into indie music not to know that which has fueled multiple separate sub-genre trends which have steered the indie ship for  almost fifteen years now. That would be like listening to mathcore/hardcore and not knowing what dillinger escape plan sounded like when they were amazing, or being straight edge and having never heard youth of today,  even worse like all those “emo” kids who couldn’t name one song from either the promise ring or jawbreaker. So i’m going to pretend like there’s some valid reason for their unawareness and lead them down a path of enlightenment. Are these the best bright eyes songs? Not really because it would be impossible to make a “best of”  bright eyes list and basically not just hand some one Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil (Keep Your Ear To The Ground), I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning, and Fevers and Mirrors all of which i’ve seen fall into Best albums of all-time lists from so many other people. So basically here’s just a few songs that define my love for Bright eyes

Bright Eyes-Bowl Of Oranges[mp3]

Bright Eyes- The Calender Hung Itself [mp3]

Bright Eyes – Weather Reports [mp3]

Bright Eyes – Padraic My Prince [mp3]

Bright Eyes- Lua [mp3]

Conor Oberst- Lava Monster [mp3]

I realize this one is not a bright eyes track but this is conner when he was thirteen and makes my top 5 from him. My friend Julie and i have been randomly texting each other lyrics from this song for years so it always makes me smile.  “if the lava monster came i would block his flame from hurting you”

Bright Eyes- Amy in the White Coat [mp3]

Bright Eyes- Lover I Dont Have To Love [mp3]

Bright Eyes – Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to be Loved) [mp3]

Bright Eyes- Ladder Song [mp3]

Bright Eyes – Landlocked Blues [mp3]

Another aspect of Bright Eyes that i love are his amazing video’s he puts out for his songs

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