RADNOTBAD: Michelle Blades – I’m In love And You Can Too :)

17 Aug

Michelle Blades has arrived! To say the sound and control she contains within her voice is rare wouldn’t even come close to how much talent this unknown possesses.   Her guitar/ukulele playing is phenomenal and the strings and percussion used on her recorded tracks is incredible and simplistic but still affecting.

She is on the Phoenix based  River Jones Music label who will be releasing her upcoming album “Mariana” on September 23rd.  Although this will be her third album this looks to be the moment where she goes from being an Arizona secret to a blog sensation. At least if i have anything to say about it she will be.

La Verite” is the first taste of “Mariana“.  It is a swelling tidal wave of emotion that completely builds and recedes like deep breathes which alternate between feelings of complete calm and absolute sense of panic that is the perfect canvas to showcase the subtleties in her voice and the strength of her playing. Basically it’s what every artist hopes for from a single but hardly ever accomplish.

Here’s a video of the first track I heard from her “Michigan” off of her album Where The Water Boils

If you’re anything like me and have a habit of forgetting about artist without something a little more tangible here’s a track to take with you from her album Oh Nostalgia!

Michelle Blades- Strawberry Ghost [mp3]

Tell Her how much you love her over @ her  facebook page.

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  1. Rosabel September 22, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    Ah yes, nicely put, evryeone.

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