Some Other Beginnings End

13 Dec

So it looks like I am FINALLY moving to Austin!

If things even remotely go close to plan I’ll be out of the cold and out of this city by March 1st. Emotions are mixed as they always are when leaving one place behind to face something completely unknown but I’m a major advocate for change and more-so pro anti-regrets.

To everyone that’s made Broad Ripple truly feel like home I owe a huge thank you for helping the last six years be full of memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life, it’s time for a new beginning, it’s time to find myself.

The downside of Indiana has always been it’s admiration towards settling. It hurts me to see everyone so content without ever truly living there lives, perpetuating a consumer culture that sickens me, not even attempting to find themselves or understand who they are or the world they choose to take no part in. Although it’s hard leaving close friends and family behind it would be much harder to watch the rest of my life pass me by without experiencing those things I dream of when I’m awake and have held me with one foot out of the door for my entire life.

Since there’s never been a moment I haven’t felt the need to make a playlist for this obviously goes without exception. I’ll have another mixtape up for the drive out but these are the songs that came to mind immediately when I made the decision of fully committing to leaving the sorrowful midwest behind.

The Soirée – “Enemies”

Fair Fjola – “Settle”

French Films – “This Dead Town”

Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless”

Future Islands – “Give Us The Wind”

Real Estate – “Out Of Tune”

Bishop Allen – “Things Are What You Make Of Them”

REM – “Leaving New York”

Pete Droge – “Going Whichever Way The Wind Blows”

Cat Stevens – “Wind”

The Milk Carton Kids – “Michigan”

The Head And The Heart – “Rivers And Roads”

Jimmy Eat World – “My Sundown”

The Avett Brothers – “Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promises”

Death Cab For Cutie – “You Are A Tourist”

The Gaslight Anthem – “Stay Lucky”

The Ataris – “So Long, Astoria”

Paul Baribeau – “Ten Things”


Bon Iver – “Beth/Rest (Solo Piano Version)”

This one doesn’t exactly fit with the ethos of this weeks playlist but I mentioned this song the other night in conversation and said I’d put it up on my next post for them to check out.




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