Appeasing What We’ve Always Lacked

17 Jan

1. Snowmine – “The Hill”

SnowmineTypically by the time there’s snow settling outside I’m listening religiously to somber acoustic songs. This year that has not been the case.Brooklyn natives Snowmine and their sweet little track “The Hill” exemplifies the more upbeat music I’m digging into lately.

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2. Carousel – “Know It’s Right”

Carousel Know It's Right

I know it may seem like an almost generic statement but “Know It’s Right” is the best song I’ve found this year. If it had came out in June or November I would still be saying the same things. Check out my full review of this track here.

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3. Caged Animals – “All The Beautiful Things In The World”

Caged AnimalsThis is a lyric driven chill-wave track of optimism. Like Phantogram with more air and less pop “All The Beautiful Things In The World” sounds like an actualized soundtrack to my own life.

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4. Ducky – “Killing Time”

DuckyI woke up singing this song this morning…actually I think I started while I was sleeping in a strange dream I was having and it just carried over to my morning. It took me another hour of searching through my library to figure out what song it was. I put the “Killing Timevideo up on LBYB just a few days ago and it must have lodged itself in the back of my mind then.

Ducky is a staple in the New York electronic scene. I’m hoping to make it out there before the end of the year to catch one of her sets in person since she doesn’t seem to be to be heading across the midwest anytime soon, there’s always hope for SXSW…keeping my fingers crossed.

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5. Legs Like Tree Trunks – “Annabel”

Legs Like Tree TrunksFor how much I love math-rock it is a pretty rare thing for me to find a band within the genre that I become a new fan of. Legs Like Tree Trunks are an example of one of those scarce exceptions.

Take the smooth instrumentation of Maps And Atlases combined with a similar lyric feel as The Speed Of Sound In Seawater and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark of Legs Like Tree Trunks without sounding in any way like a carbon copy but instead just a group of really talented dudes getting down on some solid music.

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6. Japanther – “Porcupine”

JapantherI could use fifteen references to get you in line with what Japanther create and why you should be listening but honestly if you press play and don’t “get it” out of the gate this music may just not be for you, which is fine with me, if I get to keep Japanther to myself you most definitely will not hear me complaining.

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7. Say Anything – “Admit It Again”

Say Anything

The settled dust over the battle line drawn on …Is A Real Boy… is being kicked back up by Bemis and company and I’ll be damned if they don’t sound just as great as ever doing it.

The words to the original “Admit It” still burn the back of my throat with a vengeance any time it comes on.

Here we are seven years later and  Say Anything are picking up as if there has been no elapsed time between then and now. Only part 2.0 is more pointed, and if you ask me, even more justified,

You were listening to my band in 2004 though you claim you were reared on the stooges. Your entire facade is a line that you feed to anorexic actresses who would have laughed at your jacked-up Navajo haircut, less than a decade ago. I Don’t wanna hear about how the latest Rihanna single is a post-modern masterpiece, Stop punishing me!

Fueled by a potent mixture of cocaine and latent insecurity defining your own self-worth by the opinion of a stupid website with Satan as its figurehead now you pass your pestilence on to your riddled and addled children, well my mother didn’t raise no fool… God, my blood boils at the thought of you! Poser, die! I’m sure you’re proud that you’ve usurped the “popular kids table” you son of a … which means you’ve forfeited your dubious anti-cred by buying into your own inflated hype. And I don’t define my enemies by the clothes they wear or the pretentious bands they like. It’s about how you seek to control minds, just to appease what you’ve always lacked!”

You’d be pressed to find someone who writes more relevant or absolutely honest and intellectually written lyrics than Max Bemis. It would be even harder for you to find someone whose voice aligns more with my personal beliefs.

If you dig this message and hearing the name Say Anything makes you wonder what other music has come out from those cornerstone bands of our adolescence since moving out of your parents house here’s another song I love to whole-heartedly sing-along with.

Bonus: Armor For Sleep – “Williamsburg”



8. Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless”

Cloud NothingsThe new Cloud Nothing‘s album Attack On Memory hasn’t even dropped yet and it’s already getting mixed reviews, which is offensive considering “Stay Useless” is my favorite thus far from Dylan Baldi. Sure it’s a little more Pavement influenced and less hook driven than his previous work but I can’t fathom how that could translate into anything other than  a good thing.

I’m not sure what people were expecting… once this one has been digested for a minute each of the naysayers will come along… and if not it doesn’t even matter because good music is good music with or without their approval.

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Pre-order the album here.

Sidenote: For the record Heycoolkid! did not get it’s name from the Cloud Nothing song “Hey Cool Kid” the two are unrelated as far as I know.



9. The Haret – “Going To Germany”

The HaretPay close attention… The Haret have the spark which could easily catch our scene on fire. The traditional blues throwback gives the impression you’ve heard this song before and feels  elating each time through. Get familiar earlier.

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10. Memoryhouse – “The Kids Were Wrong”

MemoryhouseI’ve been so eager for new Memoryhouse music that I was actually surprised for “The Kids Were Wrong” to surpass those expectations.

These Canadian darlings have been plucking my electronic heartstrings since day one and haven’t let me down one inch since. This includes the  Zombies cover they gave us on New Year’s Eve which felt like an indie omen for the year to come.

The new album The Slideshow Effect is due out on February 28th and can be pre-ordered here.

Bonus: Memoryhouse- “This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies Cover)”

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11. Oliver Tank – “Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion”

Oliver TankI downloaded Oliver Tank‘s Dreams at random on Bandcamp and have immensely enjoyed each track I’ve listened from it thus far. Like a down-beat Active Child that’s not afraid to let the instrumentation take a few deep breathes between catchy lyrics of the most-relaxed kind. I’m interested to know what place Oliver was in when writing the album, it has a very heavy feel to it that makes me believe he was in a rather dark place which made these songs more of a venting than a need for artistic expression, even though both are present for us as the listener.

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12. Cage Match – “Heart With Eyes”

Cage MatchKeeping in line with my math-rock findings this week is Cage Match’s Cave Math.

These Chicago natives are obvious fans of This Town Needs Guns, and although that influence is obvious when listeing to their songs it’s not so overpowering that they don’t seem genuine or lacking in creativity.

Bonus: Cage Match – “I Was Scared”

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13. The Tao Of Con – “Nervousness”

The Tao Of ConI’ve been listening more and more to The Tao Of Con since putting the Best Songs Of 2011 list together… it was like pulling teeth trying to decide which song of theirs to include, realizing I never put this one up before seemed disappointing so here it is. You may already be familiar since this came out last summer, in which case here’s a refresher.

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13. Eric & Magill – “Baggage Claim (Faux Fir Cover)”

Eric And MagillEric & Magill were one of the first bands to ever be featured on Heycoolkid!. I was turned onto them through Tim Showalter (Strand Of Oaks) whose  track record of turning me onto a constant stream of great bands I’ve never heard of before is both appreciated and a selfless act so few bands partake in.

In a way Eric & Magill are kind of paying it forward with their recent Kick The Covers Vol. 1 release.

There are two things I hold in high esteem when it comes to bands doing covers; The first being a belief that if you are going to put out someone else’s music it should have it’s own touch instead of trying to recreate the original (if I wanted to hear the original I’d listen to the original), the second being the utmost respect I have when the song is from a lesser known band rather than using an established bands songs to draw attention to their own. Eric & Magill accomplish both with “Baggage Claim.”

I had never heard of Faux Fir before so this song pushed me to find the original and other music from the band. I downloaded their self-titled album and it’s apparent I’ve been missing out.

Faux Fir are so incredible that I find it offensive for this to be the first time I’ve come across their songs. Had I heard the album when it came out it would have without a doubt been included on the Best Albums of 2011 list (rather high on it for that matter).

This take is genius in itself. I love how Eric & Magill are able to keep from compromising their uniquely relaxed sound on this upbeat feeling track drawing out the less-than-optimistic lyrics which almost get lost in translation on the original.

Bonus: Faux Fir – “Baggage Claim”

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