Cold Limitations And Fictions

25 Jan

Things are starting to get a little hectic. Between the trying to get everything prepared for a cross-country move and the fact that I work in a bar in a city that’s about to host the Super Bowl causing me to have one day off in the next two weeks has me more than a little upset with myself about all things Heycoolkid, especially since  this site is the release I look forward to each week.

Today’s mix includes a few more songs than usual that have been out for some time, it’s fine though it turns out that without the new-song smell some tracks are still worth listening too (are you taking notes hipsters?). If you’re looking for more new music it should be a strong couple weeks around here, I’ve already got the next two posts slated and they have a much more fresh out of the laundry scent.


1. Carter Tanton – “Murderous Joy (Demo)

Carter Tanton

Somehow I missed this solo track from Carter Tanton (of the amazing Lower Dens) when it came out last summer. I count on having this one included on many upcoming road trip mixes. What a great acoustic vibe! I apologize completely for not having brought this into the forefront sooner.

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2.  Red Violet – “Oceans”

Red Violet

Red Violet‘s “Oceans” is a dualistic song dealing with the the concrete realism of hardship, the feeling of breaking beneath an unseen weight of life, and the internal optimism of perceiving a growth within us, serving as a reminder that beneath those things that weigh us down is the strength to carry the weight and continue to move forward

This song ebbs and flows at a very organic pace never quite settling, it is passive, and airy… comfortable in a somberly introspective manner.

Read the rest of my review here.

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3. Mansions On The Moon – “Leaves Fall”

Mansions On The Moon

I’m kind of split on Mansions On The Moon, they seem to put a lot of focus on promoting themselves with major label ambitions and a almost too clean delivery (something I typically have a hard time standing behind) but on the other hand “Leaves Fall” is without a doubt a fantastic song that I have no qualms with listening on repeat.  As always I think the art is much more important than those who create it so I’m putting it up.

This is a song which draws emotions out which I don’t often feel from music so that alone  is more than worthy of hoping you guys give it a fair chance. The entire thing comes across in a very addictive sing-along manner. Hearts of High Schooler’s everywhere are breaking with this song as the soundtrack.

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4. The Soirêe – “The Way We Move”

The Soiree

The Soirêe are one of the bands that gained copious amounts of my respect as 2011 went on. It seems what began as a passive enjoyment has developed into an invested interest that any time one of their songs comes playing through my headphones they have my fullest attention.

All of their albums are free through their Bandcamp link below.

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5. Blind Pilot – “Half Moon (Live On Laundro Matinee)”

Blind Pilot

My once passionate love for Daytrotter has now been transfered to Laundromatinee. Every time a new session comes up I get immediately psyched.

This version of Half Moon is pretty epic. It captures everything that’s great and loveable about Blind Pilot taking it to an entirely new level. I’ve been playing this often late at night when I’m alone. What a perfect song!

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6. Kristopher Roe – “Eight of Nine”

Kristopher Roe

If you’ve been following Heycoolkid! for some time you already know that The Ataris are one band I refuse to let go quietly into that good night. Their music still evokes the same emotions in me as they did when I was in junior high. Kristopher Roe writes songs that are flawless and personal.

Eight Of Nine” is actually one song that I never really got into before now. I found this acoustic album a few weeks ago and have been listening to it with near religious devotion ever since and of all the songs he’s included on it this is the song that really took me by surprise. He delivers it with such late 90’s passion that I’m both hearing it as if it were the first time and left with a half-smile on my face at how raw and intense he screams out the lyrics. I hope my roomates aren’t offended that it’s four in the morning and I was unconsciously just screaming right along with the lines

So appreciate the good times but don’t take the worst for granted cause you only get so many second chances

With the live feel, “Eight Of Nine” takes on an entirely new demeanor that bares worth including on this weeks mix.

Pick up the Hang Your Head In Hope acoustic album  through the Bandcamp link below it’s up at a “Name  Your Price”.

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7. Oyster Boy – “Years Of Wasted Sound”

Oyster Boy

Having been in more than a few bands that split up in a less than civil manner. There’s something about creating art with someone who is more in love with themselves than the art they create that has me connecting with “Years Of Wasted Sound” more than I would have ever expected.

“Never listened to good music unless I introduced you to it so don’t say I’m not much better I’ve got seven fans to prove it which is seven more than you so I’m the talent in this duo

Zach spares no words in saying what he feels and I really dig it!

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8. Teenagers – We We Were Young Once


You didn’t really expect me to go an entire month without squeezing one more Teenagers track into the mix did you? This guy does it all and he does it better than most. I promise (I think) that this will be last I introduce you to without it being from a new album. I hope there’s one in the works.

We Were Young Once” is a perfect winter song despite it’s upbeat vibe. Not very many bands are able to capture both aspects of that statement.

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9. The National – “Twenty Miles To NH (The Philistines Jr Cover)”

The NationalFor how much I respect and love The National I’m practically ashamed by the lack of coverage I’ve given to these guys. It’s not like they need the little voices anymore though. I download this song last fall and never even gave it a listen. The moment I pulled it up last week I knew I’d really dropped the ball. So in reality I’m late to the party with this Philistines Jr cover… still it is really good.

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10. Howth – “White Lights (LIVE ON WBAR)”

HowthSince I put up “Belly Of The Beast” as the 6th best song of 2011 I want to make sure everyone understands that Howth are a far cry from a one trick pony.  Here’s another one off of the same EP which is available for free from their bandcamp link below.

Howth write songs that bare a sadness which remains wrapped up in incredible song structures that unravel in a very unique manner. “White Lights,” especially when performed live, exemplifies this.

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11. Will Driving West – “Will Driving West”

Will Driving WestWith Will Driving West‘s song “The Breakout” having gained the most attention I feel it more than necessary to include this song on the playlist since despite it being much less of a showcase as far as their incredible instrumental abilities are concerned this closing track from The Breakout album is the one that stands out more to me.

Will Driving West” is absolutely sentiment driven and far more simple than the rest of their songs but still my favorite from these Montreal natives.

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  1. Teenagers January 28, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    Hey! It’s Travis from Teenagers and I want to let you know that there will be new music soon. I’m actually recording my new full length album “Children of the Sun”. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it very very much! Take care.

    • heycoolkid! January 28, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

      That’s some the best news I’ve heard all week. Give me a heads up before it comes out

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