No One Wake Me Now, I Want To Dream Until It’s True

17 Apr

I’ve been working a lot of doubles and overtime lately, today was set to be my day off but about an hour into my first taste of sleep since Saturday night I got called in. Sure I could rant about how I’m overworked and whatever but I chose to give up my day off to jump back on the hamster wheel when I easily could have kept from answering my phone or simply said no, I didn’t so in the end it was my decision.

As I’m piecing together this weeks mix I’m sitting on the patio at Epoch Coffee it is 80 degrees with a breeze, I have  a triple latte and a Camel Light sitting in front of me,  all things considered life is good… just one more reason I’m falling in love with Austin at an alarming rate.



The Novel Ideas

 “A Breath of Fresh Air”mp3

The Novel Ideas - Heycoolkid!

Let’s start off this week with something uptempo and fitting with my current place in time.

A Breath Of Fresh Air” pumps through the veins like a state-side Los Campesinos! Massachusetts may have one of the more understated “scenes” developing, nearly every day I’m uncovering some new band of talented hip swagger from the northern east coast.

Pick up the Summer Demos EP for free through their Bandcamp link.

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The Stooges 

“Down On The Street” – mp3

The Stooges - Heycoolkid!

Lately I’ve been listening to The Stooges… A LOT. Every self-respecting music lover goes through a Stooges phase, I guess this is mine.

I’m not sure what happened, for years I couldn’t understand what all the smoke was about, something just never connected and then in the last few months, “POW”, I suddenly got it. What a good feeling it is to have ones misconceptions and judgements stripped away, it’s almost as if a weight has been lifted allowing a new part of myself to open up.

I never have understood close-minded people… the ones who hold back and limit themselves, I’m trying not to be one of those people without compromising integrity in the process, which is a fine line to walk when trying to share the music I love and remain both entwined with hipster culture without being defined or persuaded by it, which might have been a huge contributor to my slow embrace of The Stooges.

Sometimes I get distracted or can’t maintain focus while putting up these posts due to the time they consume, in the midst of distraction I just put on “Coffee And Cigarettes,” one of my favorite movies, the scene with Tom Waits and Iggy Pop in it’s complete hilarity just made my night perfect.



The Kickback 

“Violently Carsick” – mp3

The Kickback - Heycoolkid!

It has been a long time since I’ve found a song that immediately felt as right as “Violently Carsick” did. There’s something about the whole The Velvet Underground meets The Clash sound to this which has been a long time coming, even longer overdue yet few bands have come close to keying in on the details the way The Kickback have. .

The Kickback began as two brothers, Danny and Billy Yost, out of South Dakota who transplanted to Chicago and were joined by Tyler Zee and Eamonn Donnelly. They formed in 2009 which caught me off guard a little since I honestly mistook them for a band out of the 70’s the first time “Violently Carsick” came on. This is an easy mistake since I’ve been downloading a huge amount of 60’s and 70’s music lately in an attempt to get a deeper knowledge of  the music I reference frequently yet have hardly had true experience with.

This is the first I’ve heard from The Kickback, I’ll be checking more of their songs out in the next week or two, I really hope the rest of it stays in this same vein, if it does I may have a new band to be excited about this year.

I will point out the one negative I’ve found to this track is the use of the word “potato” which could probably have been excluded for something a bit stronger yet the way this song closes out with frantic energy makes it easily overlooked.

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Castling Queen’s Side

“Rise And Fall” mp3

Castling Queen's Side - Heycoolkid!

Castling Queen’s Side may sound similar to The National but don’t let that steer you away from something equally great, these guys are from Switzerland making the similarities much easier to overlook than say they were from Canada in which case they would have found no such luck; Canadians are good enough already, the swiss on the other hand seem to only pump out generic 80’s synth-pop from bands who typically base their image by copying trends from the pages of Tiger Beat.

Rise And Fall” has that driving alone at night ambient epicness instilled as it’s lifeblood, so much so that when I close my eyes the breeze bathing my skin sparks something that makes me nearly lose myself in this vision of  passing through the country along the fringe of the small town I grew up in, I’m not sure whether it is an actual memory from those introspective drives I would take full of contemplation, hope, regrets, optimistic-pessimism death and life yet what stands out to me is how I still feel the same… all of that is in this song.

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Agent A

“Hypnotize” – mp3

Agent A - Heycoolkid!

I’m well aware of how often I’ve been putting Agent A tracks up on the site. I’m trying to give it a rest yet each time a new track of his comes up I can’t help but feel the absolute need to share it. The other night I came home from seeing Gory Details play at Beerland (which was awesome), I had smoked, which if you haven’t figured out for yourself is the ideal way to listen to music, and found myself nearly frozen by “Hypnotize” twenty seconds into it. I figure if a song is capable of living up to such a lofty title it would practically be wrong for me not to put it up.

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“Starfall” – mp3

Mindgum - Heycoolkid!

Writing about Agent A made me think of MindGum, this guy out of Russia is equally as great.

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Big Scary 

“Autumn” – mp3

Big Scary - Heycoolkid!

It’s still hard to believe “Autumn” is played by two people. It takes all seven members of Saintseneca to come up with a similar sound.

Big Scary are a male/female duo out of Australia, this track is my favorite they have to offer with it’s swelling vocals and constant drive.

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The Hit Back 

“And You’re The Night”mp3

The Hit Back - Heycoolkid!

The Hit Back are from Chicago, they stick more with the typical duo sound where the lyrics are the focus allowing everything else to fall into place behind it.

The more times I listen through “And You’re The Night” I find myself more and more wishing I could hear it played by Simon And Garfunkel . Am I wrong or does this not sound like a modern incantation of what they were doing in the 60’s?

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Tiny Cities 

“Magnolia” – mp3

Tiny Cities - Heycoolkid!

Tiny Cities are out of Philadelphia and that is the extent of what I know about them… with songs as strong as “Magnolia” I’m going to make the effort to see what I can dig up about them for future reference.

What a confident and self-assured sound Tiny Cities have.

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“In the Dark” – mp3

Gulls - Heycoolkid!

Gulls have grown on me at such a rate that I’m ready to say with confidence that Down The Hatch is one of the best albums of 2012. If you like great music, especially when it’s free and from a fresh face, grab it from their bandcamp link and experience it for yourself.

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“Criminal Kids” – mp3

Literature - Heycoolkid!

Literature put out their album Arab Spring back in January and since stumbling over it on Bandcamp it’s been a steady process of enjoyment. “Criminal Kids” energetically encompasses all things indie.

These guys are from Austin so I’m looking forward to getting familiar with their live shows when the current tour wraps up. So many incredible bands call this city home and I’ve barely even got my toe in the water, I’m so stoked to be here.

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Tyburn Saints

“Broken Bottles” – mp3

Tyburn Saints - Heycoolkid

I found this track over at Blogophilia and even amidst a mix as strong as the one they put out “Broken Bottles” still stand out above the rest.

You can check out the short review I wrote for this and the solid You And I In Heaven EP it’s included on here.

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“Oh, My Dear!” – mp3

Schocholautte - Heycoolkid

While we’re waiting for the new EP from Brooklyn‘s Schocholautte here’s some of their garage fuzz in all it’s glory.

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Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross

“White Sun” – mp3

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross - Heycoolkid


White Sun” builds and chills in a layering constant yet unexpected development feeling like a more intelligent Youth Lagoon track reminiscent of Bright Eyes via Digital Ash In A Digital Urn.

What makes this Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross track feel so right is the duality of the nearly wounded lyric delivery juxtaposed with an almost different vibe within the instrumentation where I can’t decide whether I should fight back the tears or get up and dance.

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Grand And Noble

“This Light” – mp3

Grand And Noble - Heycoolkid

“No one wake me now, I want to dream until it’s true” 

If there’s one negative within music this year it undoubtedly is how rare heartfelt acoustic based songs are to find, it seems like everyone feels the need to strap on an electric and turn the gain to 11. Sure it’s been a long time coming getting back to pure rock and roll but there will always be a place for songs as incredible as “The Light.”

I can’t speak for everyone but inside myself there’s a need for this kind of music, this is more important than a million loud shows full of energy. So often we forget that it’s not the volume that brings intensity, we fall on this belief that somewhere in the production and the presence we’ll find brilliance, yet it’s the whispers, the soft chords, the honesty of hearing someone say what they really mean which are truly powerful.

Grand & Noble may be rare but the art they create is important, don’t overlook it, because in the quietest of nights this is the music you’ll want by your side.

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