Gold Under Pebbles

10 May

So it’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me. I haven’t had much free time outside of work, not to mention I keep getting called into work on my days off, currently I’m fighting a nasty case of food poisoning from a less than respectable Chinese establishment, still there’s always good music to help things feel a little better.

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Sweet Talk 

“Talk” – mp3

Sweet Talk Beerland -

Sweet TalkFacebook

The amount of incredible bands I’ve come across since moving to Austin is unbelievable. Every chance I get I’m checking out a new band at a new venue and honestly I’ve only seen maybe three poor shows in the handful of months I’ve been here. Three! Which is the complete inverse of how things were in Indy where I had to wade through so much mediocrity just for that one rare and coveted great show.

Unfortunately the Achilles heal of Austin‘s local music, as with any local scene really, is that there are so many bands who are beyond incredible to see live yet leave me with no desire to pick up their music and take it into my personal life. Sweet Talk is actually the first band I’ve heard since moving here that instantly made me want to share their music.

I caught Sweet Talk a few weeks ago at Beerland when I went to see Neighbor (who I’ve seen probably six times and can without a doubt say they put on one of the gnarliest live shows on the planet). From the opening chord I was captivated, there is a structure to the songs that has true craft behind it which comes across incredibly well live. The lyrics actually make you want to learn them, share them, sing along with them and that is the difference between Sweet Talk and all the other bands I’ve caught in this town. I’m sure there are hundreds of bands I just haven’t seen yet who will get me equally as stoked for their art but as of now Sweet Talk are my favorite band in Austin.

There is a slight difference from how they sound live to how they sound digitally, this is typical for unsigned bands so it’s easily overlooked, but keep in mind that live there is much more noise and an edge that somehow has gotten lost in translation on the few tracks I’ve been able to dig up from them,  “Talk” is still good enough that I played it three times at work last night, if you get a chance to check out a Sweet Talk show just be prepared for a much heavier experience.




“Try Me Out Sometime” – mp3


BronchoBandcamp | Facebook | Website

One of the dudes I work with recommended BRONCHO to me and I am beyond glad he did… BRONCHO is rad as fuck. The way the bass and guitar are simple yet driving, a vocal delivery that is both confident and positive, and a sound texture of an upbeat Teenagers, what’s not to like?

Frontman Ryan Lindsey is also the keyboardist in Starlight Mints  a band I’ve mentioned a few times, I posted their track “Seventeen Devils” back in December.

They put out their Can’t Get Past Your Teeth LP last fall which as a whole is an ace album of 70’s neo-punk, half of the songs are up for free on their Bandcamp page the other half are worth throwing some bones down for, my other favorite is probably “Blown Fuse” but the entire album has been owning my ears lately so it’s a tough call to make.




“Orifice Origami” – mp3

Reptar -

Reptar Facebook | Website

Fake Problems meets FUN., if “Orifice Origami” doesn’t get you motivated something’s wrong.

This track has Ben Allen‘s masterful touches all over it. Allen is such an underrated producer (Animal Collective, Washed Out), everything he touches is dripping hipster gold. Honestly everything about the entire Body Faucet album has me falling in love; you’ve got a band whose creativity is just developing beyond the early sparks of frantic brilliance, a producer who knows how to mold that in a way that works best for the band, and a label that has always impressed me by the respect they show for their artist. How many guys has Vagrant taken a chance on that seemed like a long shot only to shortly become scene molding bands who are a collective of upbeat intelligence (Senses Fail being the one blatant band that doesn’t fall into the upbeat category,  that’s kind of  Buddy’s Schtick in the first place so it’s irrelevant).

Always a sucker for songs with a postive vibe at odds with nearly ominous lyrics, “Orifice Origami” hits home for me.Typically I’m impressed more by straight forward lyrics rather than the abstract but with lines such as “They were folding wandering all the time the last of them roses burning away” makes it clear that Reptar have something to say, they just choose to be creative about how they go about it.



Maps And Atlases 

“Fever” – mp3

Maps And Atlases -

Maps & AtlasesFacebook | Website | Tumblr

I really dig this new sound from Maps & Atlases; Slightly trading in the complicated guitar work for a stronger sound just seems worth the expense.

My favorite show last year was probably Maps & Atlases with Dreamers Of The Ghetto, these Chicago natives deliver in a way live that is nearly impossible to express, they are one of the few bands out there with the ability to transcend their own sound with straight forward charisma, even if their indie take on math-rock isn’t your cup of tea it’s still pretty hard to catch them live and not go home on the Maps & Atlases bandwagon.




“Brothers” – mp3

Tanlines -

 Tanlines Facebook | Website

I’m not quite as impressed by Tanlines as everyone else seems to be but they have my attention and I’m enjoying the New York duo’s sound, it’s a start.



Honeycomb Bones

“Illuminator” – mp3

Honeycomb Bones -

Honecomb Bones Facebook | Tumblr

The best way to describe Honeycomb Bones is accessible. It’s just really easy to put their self-titled EP on and feel connected, it’s universally fitting for nearly any environment or social situation.

The drums at 3:10 make me feel almost dirty, that’s how much I love them. Download the entire Honeycomb Bones EP  for free here.




“Take My Time” mp3

Hurry -

HurryBandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Shoegazey mid-90’s emo, minimal flash, all brilliance. “Take My Time” reminds me of Owen‘s “Who Found Who’s Hair In Who’s” combined with Plans era Death Cab.

Hurry is Philadelphia‘s Matt Scottoline, who I actually found through a tweet about Best Coast where he said it reminded him of Radio Disney. A sentiment I have been sharing on an island since their first new track leaked, one of the worse follow-ups since Vanilla Ice‘s Extremely Live.

This album  is available free through the bandcamp link as well, pick it up it is pretty damn loveable.



Deer Tick 

“Funny Word” – mp3

Deer Tick -

Deer TickFacebook | Website

I realize this dropped last year but “Funny Word” came up on shuffle and I felt like posting it

Funny Word” seems to be a bi-product from McCauley‘s work in Middle Brother more specifically it feels like he’s got some residual affects from working so closely with Matt Vasquez because this song could just as easily be a Delta Spirit track, who would have ever thought a line could be drawn so easily between the sound of the two bands?




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