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31 Oct

Introducing: The Gory Details

The Gory Details

There are few rules I live by but one I’ve held to fiercely is that I would never write about music created by someone I’m friends with. Some rules occasionally need to be broken and if ever a band was worth making an exception for it would be The Gory Details… and what better day for these guys than Halloween.

Since The Gory Details formed earlier this year I’ve seen them live probably ten times and never once has their insane energy and unique sound done less than kill. Like a 70’s surf-punk throwback but with an edge to it that feels like My War era Black Flag covering The Misfits Walk Among Us while on acid… basically they are gnarly as fuck.

What’s odd though is that it’s not their sound which impresses me most, or the fact they put on arguably the best show in Austin, it’s the fact that for as competitive and incredibly talented the music scene is in this town, for how beyond skill these guys’ abilities are on their relative instruments, they somehow find a way of being one of the most unpretentious and humble bands I’ve ever had a chance to hang with and that is worth it’s weight in virgin blood.

Make the effort to grab their first album Killer Waves, their brand of spooky sounds and demonic vibes is made all the better when sweating along with them at a show and screaming along word for word.

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