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13 Jun

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Finally my favorite day of the year is upon us….Friday the 13th! Rather than taking the usual paragraph to explain what it is that I love so much about Friday the 13th’s, I can’t help but assume that if having a rad excuse to immerse ourselves in all things horror related isn’t something you find truly awesome then we probably wouldn’t be friends in the first place so why waste the effort defending myself to someone I don’t even like.

So I’m using today as a kind of toe in the water of what’s planned for Halloween. A few weeks ago I made up a few video mixtapes for the first time ever and it gave me those same fuzzies as accidentally catching a little side-boob when you’re in junior high which inspired me to try making up videos to put out in October to showcase my favorite bands in Austin. I began the week with the goal of making up ten and only finished four, (not half-assing shit takes time ya know). There are two near complete videos for The Bad Lovers and Rolland Hazard which I’ll probably just put up on the HCK! Facebook page so if you dig these count on having two more coming your way real soon.

All of these bands are important to me on a friend level so I’m really just stoked to have some way of showing just how much the dudes in the bands and the music they create mean to me and how it helps to embody my feelings that I live in the greatest city in the history of the universe. Hopefully all of you find a way of getting stoked and scared tonight, it’s a damn full moon after all, I hope these help set the tone for it all.


1. Pharaohs – “Chasin’ You”

Spike Jonze put out an absolutely brilliant zombie video for Phantom Planet in 2003. If the rumors are true Spike met the dudes at a party and just offered to do it for free. Nothing against the band but their song just didn’t do justice for how great Jonze’s vision developed out, it was heavily edited and featured the band in the process of making the video as a large chunk. At some point an uncut version surfaced under the title Le Zombie Du Noir which I’ve watched probably twenty times. It plays on the zombie cognition which George  A. Romero gets credit for entering into the zombie premise on Dawn of the Dead when the dude answers the police radio but I actually believe the scene in Night of the Living Dead when the guy smashes the headlight out is the first, I’ve been in a handful of late night conversations debating this belief.

In Jonze’s vision a girl is saved by a zombie and then she lets him transform her so they can be together which is a great metaphor for how we will give up everything for love, even if the benefit is short term and will result in our walking corpses rotting until our limbs fall off and we both die. Zombies are the best metaphors ever used in horror films.

So basically, I wanted to to make a video which created a bridge from Romero’s original masterpiece to Jonze’s shift in the concept, a shift which we’ve seen used more and more in films over the last few years; Fido and Warm Bodies being two clear examples. I’m sure one of you nerds is going to send over something which proves that either Romero or Jonze weren’t the first to do this and I look forward to being enlightened.

Pharaohs are one of my favorite bands in Austin, rarely a day passes without me putting on their record Moan when shuffling my feet around the apartment, not to mention the three members are genuinely solid dudes in general. You should definitely check out more of their songs.

Pharoahs – Facebook | Bandcamp



2. The Gory Details – “VI VI VI”

The Gory Details aren’t only the nerdiest cool dudes you could ever meet in your life, they also happen to be brilliant musicians and were the first friends I made in Austin, so needless to say any chance I get to recommend them I’m definitely going to take it.

I’m a huge fan of J.X. Williams, if you have a few free minutes check out the story behind his short film Psych Burn it would be worth the effort. How much I dig and reference his experience is rather telling for how I feel about art in general. I have nothing but complete respect for an artist who is given an opportunity to make money from their passion, wearily accepts it, and when someone steps in to try filtering the content or changing it to be mass-appealing just says to hell with it and creates something that is both genius and a spit in the face to the hand of control…the fact that Williams made the film knowing it would be hated and he would lose his job is something which far exceeds commendable.

I’m also a huge fan of the videos Johnny Public put out in the 80’s so I used clips from that equally as much as the Williams stuff. There’s also some early surreal film clips I’ve always dug. The original plan was to try telling some sort of timeline following story with each of these videos but The Gory Details make music which seemed better fitting to be handled this way.

The Gory Details – Facebook | Bandcamp



3. The Electric Friends – “No One Sleeps At Night”

I first heard about The Electric Friends through my buddy Caleb who after catching them at random while bumming around Austin said he was sure it was a band I’d like. Of course, being the slacker I am, it took playing a show with the guys a few weeks later to give them a chance and Caleb was absolutely right. There is a tasteful mix of early Americana juxtaposed with elaborate yet subtle psychedelic shoegazy undertones. Jack, the front-man for The Electric Friends sent me over their recently mastered album and it sounds like someone took the music I get geeked about and mixed it all to fit onto five songs. I’ve been listening to it all rather religiously, you probably should too… but you can lead a horse to water, ya know.

Although this video is something I”m content with, my original ambition was to portray Santa Clara as being a city with all these cells of Vampires and Vampire hunters, something alluded to at the end of The Lost Boys. Unfortunately, after I cut all the videos necessary down the song needed to be like four minutes longer. I chopped all of that up and this is what came out of it. There’s Bon Jovi and that dude from House mixed in with the Corey’s so I think if you grew up with a similar childhood as mine you’ll find a connection along the way.

The Electric Friends – Facebook | Bandcamp



One-Hitters – “God Bless Texas”

I try not to use HCK! as platform for self-promotion so upfront this is a band I play guitar in. This was the first video I made with a horror theme and was where I got the idea for doing this sort of project for Friday the 13th so there is always an exception. When I was eight (or however old you are in third grade) I begged my mom for weeks to let me watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, instead of telling me no she laid out a ridiculous list of chores and requirements that I believe she assumed I would never come close to following through on and she was totally wrong.

It was summertime and there was a Friday the 13th and I convinced my parents to let me set a tent up in my backyard, I then ran a tv out there with our VCR and watched the original Friday the 13th followed by Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives (which is one of my top 5 favorite scary movies ever… Alice Cooper and Kenny Loggins worked together on the soundtrack and I really dig that), then at three in the morning I put on TCM and spent the next hour and a half sitting with my face four inches from the tv screen enthralled with fear and excitement. Overall that night is one of my favorite childhood memories and became the catalyst for my never ending love for Friday the 13th‘s. So even if One-Hitters songs aren’t conducive for 70’s gore, on some level it feels good to be able to align myself with Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece.

One-Hitters – Facebook | Bandcamp (coming REAL soon)

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