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7 Nov


Could The Electric Friends have pushed their first tangible release back any longer? I’ve had the early digital copy of Songs For Electric Friends burning in my pocket for months now waiting for it to be street legal. I leaked one track out of impatience for the most recent Friday The 13th mixtape but have held my tongue to give them a legit welcome to our hearts post until now, finally the day I get to share it with you losers has come.

The Electric Friends are one of those rare bands who actually have the balls to not conform to the current trend of pseudo-psychedelia or bourgeoisie rock n roll which backhandedly poisons and saturates current southern culture. Instead they are a band who within seconds of seeing on stage the reality of these songs being their chosen path to walk rather than a crutch they collectively lean on becomes crystal clear. There is a vast disappointing ocean full of bands flooding my inbox we cannot say the same for, there is solace in the skill of these dudes.

How trite have we all become? We press play on some new song from an infant band and an instant battle for classification begins, are they chillwave or shoegazy, does the lead singer sound like Bobby Liebling while wearing a Hollister shirt, and does that make them douchey or ironical. Everyone worries about all these insignificant qualifiers coming to the point where substance has become the least necessary factor for what is deemed solid music. This is how I came to start HCK!, The Electric Friends are one more offering I make in an attempt of turning the ship around.

These dudes have to be one of the hardest bands to write about, it’s like trying to tell someone why or how to love coffee. You either get it or you don’t. Have you ever read over a coffee brand/flavor review? It has to be the most pretentious and narcissistic read there is. No really, I can’t wait to peruse the four hundred word essay about why you are cooler than everyone else through your ability to break down a lingering dry after taste into three paragraphs of self-inflation. So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is, The Electric Friends are like coffee, let’s just go with that. You either like them or you’re just being silly. It’s not my fault that some people have a bad sense of taste. If I have to spend an hour explaining why the guitar solo in track whatever is brilliant and the bass line in another track is an ingenious walk out worthy of your attention then you don’t deserve this band in the first place.

It seems most often I hear others draw a line between these guys and a reverb soaked Neil Young, not a faulty comparison by any means but with Neil Young you have to come to terms with all of his flaws to appreciate him. The Electric Friends aren’t really a flawed band so the comparison feels off to me.  I can understand the reference though, especially since the majority of their sets include a ripping cover of “Hey Hey My My” which burns with an absolute fury like Crazy Horse after six months on tour in the middle of a three day coke bender. It’s quite possibly the highlight of their set.

As far as the Songs For Electric Friends (Cold Sets) album goes, there’s a loss of edge that gets compressed down in comparison to spotting them in the wild which took me a while to adjust to. Preconceived expectations are a slow wall to climb regardless of whether they are justified or not, luckily I’ve had time to walk around in it and what I’ve come to realize with each new listen is that what came out of having the frantic edge of their seat drive toned down is a conducive well rounded album that is a surprise showing for a band’s first appearance.

My personal favorite tracks are “Jerome,AZ” and “Lonesome Road” though I have a feeling you are going to get more into “It’s Been So Long” and the opening track “No One Sleeps At Night.” If you make it down to Austin these guys are a staple to see around town. There is no word on an upcoming tour at this point but if you happen to be on this side of the world tonight they are doing the official cassette release at Hole In The Wall with a sweet lineup of Plantation, Rolland Hazzard, and Rocky & the Wildcat.


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