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HCK! Best Of 2015 (Part 1)

8 Jan

Best Of 2015

Few exceptions are more ridiculous than the idea that any “best of” list could ever come close to being honest. I’ll spend the next five years regretting every single band I missed or forgot while piecing this together but I keep getting messages asking about why I haven’t thrown one up this year so here y’all go. Hopefully this helps you find some new record to pick up or some band to hassle your local spot to have play when they come through town.

50. The Famines – “Too Cool”

49. Psychiatric Metaphors – “Hexenkoph”

48.Bottomfeeders – “Sitting In The Dark”

47. The Connection – “So Easy”

46. The Bombshells – “No More”

45. Flesh Panthers – “Clampa”

44.Destruction Unit – “If Death Ever Slept”

43. The Bolos – “Disowned”

42. Wet Blankets – “T.V. Suicide”

41. Angie – “Down For The Count”
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