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The Definitive (ish) Hooded Sweatshirt Mixtape: Volume 3

3 Nov


The Definitive(ish) Hooded Sweatshirt Mixtape: Volume 3

Complete Mixtape: mp3

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HCK! Best Songs Of 2012

10 Jan

HCK Best Songs Of 2012

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HCK! Best Albums 2012

21 Dec

Heycoolkid! Best Albums Of 2012

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Strangers From The Light

7 Mar




Beach House – “Myth” – mp3

Holy Hell! How absolutely perfect is this new track from Beach House? That was rhetorical. As soon as I post this I’m pre-ordering Bloom which will come out in it’s most-likely epic entirety on may 15th.

New Beach House; check. Summer playlist; Check. Fulfilled heart; Check.

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Capybara – “Neighbor Crimes” mp3


Just good positive vibes coming from “Neighbor Crimes,” a song about remaining optimistic and looking forward to getting away from a bad place.

Capybara are definitely on my list of bands to catch at SXSW, I haven’t checked their schedule yet but hopefully there is a free show somewhere in the mix.

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Caves – “Eleven Twenty” mp3


With Youth Lagoon like creative brilliance and a sound aligned with Nerves Junion, eighteen year old Luca Cage looks to have masses of hype going his way in 2012.

Everything about this song is worth putting on repeat from the sweet horn sounds and the funk like groove to how the vocals feel as if we are hearing them from a jukebox across a smoke thick pool hall filled of bad people with bad intentions.

It’s not much of a stretch saying there is huge potential for Caves in the future psyche of our indie music landscape. – (via)

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Field Mouse – “You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom” -mp3

Field Mouse

In the midst of my newly formed obsession with The Golden Hearts I’ve found Field Mouse to share the crush with. Rachel Browne has the ideal voice to make this shoegazey dream-pop feel perfect.

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Cloud Nothings – “Forget You All The Time” mp3

So the  Cloud Nothings  show last weekend was the first since moving to Austin I had been overtly stoked for and I overslept. Getting super tired at like 2 in the afternoon, and being a lifelong fan of naps, thought it a good idea to lay down for a few minutes. Fast forward seven and a half hours and I was still sound asleep. I really want to catch Cloud Nothings in the wild sometime soon. This song is a sort of atonement for my mistake.

Forget You All The Time” was the first song that completely sold me on Dylan Baldi. It captures every aspect of the music I grew up on without sounding  contrived.

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Sun Buffalo – “Ghost Part II” mp3

Sun Buffalo-Optimized

I’m new to Sun Buffalo so not much I can tell you. There isn’t anything about them worth repeating on their facebook page or through any outlet I’ve looked to other than they are a 3 piece out of Maryland, luckily they have a few free albums to grab on bandcamp so we can both get to know them a little better through the music.

As far as electric-guitar goes this is the sound I love the most; simple yet intricate, sparse yet fitting, kind of reminds me of early The Junior Varsity but more chill.

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Cousin Brian – “Fear Instilled” mp3

Fear Instilled” is a prime example of everything that has been great about the resurgence of 90’s garage rock with that rad low-fi touch we have all come to appreciate.

Cousin Brian are out of Philly and still relatively unknown. It may be a few minutes before people catch on to this noise but take my word for it, there are some solid early summer must-haves coming from these guys.

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Agent A – “The Light Shined To Space” mp3

Agent A caught my attention last year with his work with Omae which were some of the best tracks 2011 had to offer, most notably being “Breathing 2007” which came in at #14 on my Best Of 2011 list.

This dude is absolutely solid in everything he touches. From that instantly infectious beat he keys out with ease to the limited but ideally placed lyrics this is about as good as laptop-pop can get.

.Here’s the latest demo from Agent A & Omae in case you’ve been wondering what they are up to, give it a second it gets real good.

Agent A & Omae – “The Blues” – mp3

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Big Gigantic – “Rise And Shine” mp3

Big Gigantic are one of the rare Electronic/Dubstep groups I’m willing to make an effort to catch “Live” because these guys actually do something on stage rather than stand behind an Apple and dance around with some sporadic unintelligible mumbles into the microphone.

I know this video isn’t exactly a live cut but you get what I’m talking about.

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Nicolas Jaar – “With Just One Glance” mp3

Nicolas Jaar knows without a doubt how to  get down. I threw up his remix of Missy Elliot last September and still try to fit it into every playlist possible.

With Just One Glance” showcases just one more way this guy keeps it icy and interesting from start to finish.

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Baltinore – “Strangers From The Light” mp3

[Picture Unavailable]

I dug this 80’s track up over the weekend when putting a mix together to go along with a couple of Wealth tracks I was sending over to a friend who mentioned looking for similar songs to what is on the Drive soundtrack.

I completely forgot how much I love this song.  Baltinore weren’t by any means groundbreaking but still there is a valid relation between what they were doing in ’85 with what is flooding the indie scene lately.



Pickwick – “Hacienda Motel (Live On KEXP)”mp3

In all honesty I’ve been on the fence with Pickwick;  not that I have anything against their music it just hasn’t connected with me all that much before. This live take of “Hacienda Motel” may be the catalyst to change that. The delivery is smooth and comfortable, I may be starting to comprehend what they have been about which has remained out of my grasp before now.

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Small Faces – “You Need Loving mp3

Since moving to Austin this has been the style of music I’m getting more and more into daily. Small Faces and similar bands are the major reason for the delay in today’s mix since I’ve been spending as much time educating myself on all of the incredible music I’ve been neglecting for so long since devoting all of my time focusing on new bands and new music. I would definitely count on hearing much more of this style in the coming weeks on Heycoolkid!.

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The Elois – “By My Side” mp3

By My Side” is another example of what I was just talking about.



Odonis Odonis – “Ledged Up” – mp3

Odonis Odonis are creating music that directly reflects what all those psychedelic bands from the 60’s would be creating if they were making music today…at least that’s what I hear when “Ledged Up” is playing.

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Reptar – “Sebastian” – mp3

Still to this day Vagrant is one of my favorite labels. They put out a consistent stream of solid bands (and yes my love-fest started with Dashboard Confessional; I’ll stand by Carrabba’s music for the rest of my life no-matter how uncool it makes me in certain pretentious self-righteous circles, even friends whose opinions I respect give me shit for it but DC is in my top 5 hands down… ah get)

Anyways back to Reptar and the feel good, cheer the hell up and sing along song “Sebastian“. This is one of those you can’t help but look forward to sharing with a hundred other sweaty kids. So much fun with an energetic laid back vibe, kind of what I expected would be coming from Tokyo Police Club (that is if TPC weren’t putting out shitty Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus covers and put some real music out again, it is long  overdue).

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American Wolf – “Brave New Machine” – mp3

Brave New Machine” is my favorite track off of American Wolf‘s recently released Tales Of Kamanakera which is an album truly worth digesting in its entirety. These guys are out of Chicago, make the time to check em out.

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Mozey – “Balloon” – mp3

Balloon” is delicate romanticism softly delivered yet remaining honest where so many others just appear less than academic and plastic. When in the right mood for Mozey I just can’t help but enjoy a song like this with a fullness of appreciation.

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Billy Yu – “How We Saved A Tree” – mp3

I’m ending this week with an instrumental track from Billy Yu.

How We Saved A Tree” comes across like a modern touch on the whole Explosions In The Sky sound I love so much.

You can get the entire The Loving Ghost album for free through his bandcamp link (throw the guy some denari if you got it though). The entire album is just as enjoyable, I’ve been using it lately when the stress of being in a new place and trying to get everything started has had me in need of a temporary release.

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