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In Defense Of Lost Causes

5 Mar

.In Defense



Killer Boogie

  “The Golden Age”

Photo By Massi Belly

Photo by Massi Belly



Lately I’ve been on the Jones for anything post-Sabbath leaning, as a result I now have Killer Boogie’s Detroit (Heavy Psych Sounds Records: January 2015) all but memorized from start to finish. How many more bands do we have to sit through who’ve spent more time adjusting their fuzz pedal than playing through it before we say enough is enough? They’re rampant.

It’s probably just age speaking but the bands with enough fuckall to homage the glory days of distortion and easily accessible drugs are the ones giving me the tingles in the sweatiest parts of my leather pants. Not that I wear leather pants but if I ….ya get what I’m saying…. these dudes rule, in a humbly pretentious “turn it to eleven” kind of way. If you like talking about chicks with subtle hints of sexism and ride a motorcycle to your job as a diesel mechanic, Killer Boogie is your band.


Killer Boogie – Bandcamp | Facebook | Heavy Psych Sounds Records




“If I Cry”




There have recently been sparks of similar purity as Pushy, bands such as Sweat Lodge and American Sharks (naming two rad local examples) have come close to getting it right, but their vocals seem too post-millenially self-conscious, like they expect Dave Brock to stumble in on their next show to tell them how great they sound or something. Pushy are a rare example that some of us in this Myspace wasteland dare to worry less about standing out from, or in most cases above, the crowd than just being part of the perpetuation of all that has been great and noble since the first needle breathed life over shellic resin.

Despite the constant generic churning of douche bag bands of beards in skinny jeans oozing from Portland’s every orifice I’m struck as much as anyone else by Pushy calling it home, yet not all that surprised. I’m bitter but far from naive enough to believe those herding douchey beards have lacked talent, maybe this is a sign of their beginning to have some actual tastes. If so, I wonder if Ikea will survive (maybe I’ll finally be able to land a few Expedit cabinets on clearance!)?

Doomtown Sounds will be putting out a 7″ with the two songs currently featured on their Bandcamp at some point in the near future with no specific date given, both songs are available for immediate download for $1000.00 … I’m yet to hear back from the band as to whether those mp3’s include a free handjob.


Pushy – Bandcamp | Facebook | Doomtown Sounds



The Bolos

“Dead This Morning”

Photograph by Greg Gabrisch

Photograph by Greg Gabrisch



So The Bolos played two weeks ago at Hotel Vegas and I skipped  for the simple fact I refuse to do the cold… I still feel like an asshole about it (missing the show…not the cold). Scenes die and bands disappear for that very reason yet there I was watching season three episodes from  The Walking Dead instead of sweating at one of my favorite hangouts with one of my favorite new found Texas bands. I promise that if they were on tour from Australia or something I would have packed up my balls and braved the forty-five degree arctic tundra of Austin’s bi-polar winter.

So many incredible bands are rising out of San Antonio it has gotten to the point where I could very well see us in two years discussing whether Austin is still Rock N Roll’s messiah, or more likely we end up with a similar situation as the Fort Worth and Dallas scene in the late 60’s (which would rule too), either way The Bolo’s (and most likely The Rich Hands) could very well be catalysts for the process.

If you were to search out only one record this week I highly (and personally) recommend making it Booze Blues (Nov. 2014). From start to finish it is the kind of record we would typically expect from a band a few albums in with moderate success on a DIY label. The kind of record that’s very aware of the process but not overly concerned as to the end product or how it will be perceived; each song seems consciously written but for the sole purpose of creating a whole instead of the typical crafting a song to trigger some abstract connection with strangers for the sake of sham adulation. We are left with this well rounded yet ambitious record that manages to err in the way of youth without losing itself to it. It’s a rad album, it’s up for name-your-price on Bandcamp, seek that shit out.


The Bolos – Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr



The Highway Kind

“When the Storm Comes to Greet You”

The Highway Kind-Optimized



Casey from Pharaohs said The Highway Kindsound like Dallas,” that’s as good of place as any to start with these dudes. Barroom forward vocals. Guitar-riffs begging to solo at any given moment. Uncommitted sound as to genre loyalty . Continue reading

HCK! Turns 2 … Our 100th mixtape!

28 Mar

Remember Me

It’s hard to believe but it’s been over two years since HCK!’s first offering. We’ve come a long way, the growth is apparent, looking back at those first posts is a rad experience realizing just how tangible of a difference between then and now there is and how many people have helped to make this one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This also marks the 100th post for HCK! making today’s mix all that more important for me to get right. Continue reading

The Sun May Rise Where We Come From But Here Is Where It Sets

22 Jan

HCK! January Cover Continue reading

HCK! Best Songs Of 2012

10 Jan

HCK Best Songs Of 2012

(50 – 26) Continue reading

HCK! Best Albums 2012

21 Dec

Heycoolkid! Best Albums Of 2012

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Definitive(ish) Summer Mixtape: Volume II

31 May

As the prophetic Will Smith song says it is in fact “summer, summertime, summertime.” Continue reading

Come Alive For Me Tonight

23 Mar

A handful of songs I put together for my drive to work last night.




Hanni El Khatib – “Come Alive” – mp3

Hanni El Khatib Heycoolkid.net

Hanni El Khatib  (Innovative Leisure Records) mixes emotion with generation crossing influences which surface with unique delivery and unparalleled confidence. “Come Alive,” as well as pretty much all of Hanni El Khatib‘s music, sits well with any mood in need of a soundtrack.

The list of artists I missed during SXSW is long, distinguished, and unfortunately includes Khatib. Hopefully he’ll be stopping back through Austin in the near future.

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Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos- “Shannon” – mp3

Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos Heycoolkid.net

Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos (Mariel Records) were one of the first rays of hope in the Indianapolis music scene to touch my eyes, alongside Thin Fevers and Early Day Miners, they  opened my closed minded approach to music and chipped away at the circle of music I thought was so great during my adolescence. Margot was the first band to show me what true substance was and how brilliant music could actually be, where Bob Dylan and John Lennon laid the foundation in my youth Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s were the perfect example of what could be built on top of it. To this day I would confidently include Dust Of Retreat on my top twenty-five greatest albums of all-time list.

It feels like lifetimes have passed in the nearly 6 years since Dust Of Retreat was released, so many things have changed, it’s been a tough road to follow Margot along and remain stoked about them in the process. Animal!, Not Animal, and Buzzard all having a slew of negativity thrown their way for sounding like a band trying way too hard to be something they are not, myself included in the torch bearing mob of criticism. They were hard albums for fans to swallow knowing that if only they would relax and not turn their backs on writing highly personal songs rather than trying to prove how “rock” they were they could do epic things (maybe it’s the fact that it’s three in the morning when I’m typing this but I bet early Weezer fans felt the same way… only they are still waiting for some sort of redemption).

Shannon” by no means is a return, that is apparent from the opening crunch of guitars, instead it is more or less an example of focus and hard-work paying off. All that “trying” may have changed their sound forever yet what has developed in the process is damn good music.

The band has changed, the sound has changed, but on an individual level what can be expected, we all change. There is so little in common between who I am now and who I was six years ago I’d more likely be strangers with myself  than friends, which is probably the best example of how to describe Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s on their new album Rot Gut, Domestic (released Tuesday).

So here’s my concession; Rot Gut, Domestic is a new beginning and as long as they continue to put out solid music I’m going to give up hanging on to the past and just appreciate what they were for what they were and respect the band I hear now for who they have become, plain and simple.

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Night Beats – “Puppet On A String” – mp3

Night Beats Heycoolkid.net

In Texas the river of Psychedelia runs deep, outside of a few examples of random exposure it’s a fountain I’ve never drank from before… that is before moving here a month ago.

What began with embarrassment from my lack of  knowledge has developed into a new found passion that is both long overdue and an exciting new area to learn about.

So in this education process I’ve found Night Beats, currently signed to Trouble In Mind Records (The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall , The Mean Jeans). They are out of Seattle with two of it’s three members originating in Texas itself.

Puppet On A String” is my favorite song thus far from the guys but I’m early on in hearing what they have to offer.

Make friends with Night Beats Facebook | Trouble In Mind Records



Cousin Brian – “Pushed Away” – mp3

Cousin Brian Heycoolkid.net

 Since catching the amazing Cloud Nothings set last week I haven’t been able to get enough of this mid-90’s post-alternative garage rock sound. A few weeks ago I introduced Cousin Brian with a similar track, “Fear Instilled.”
Both songs showcase the energy and texture that has me looking forward to new material from these guys.

Make friends  with Cousin BrianBandcamp | Facebook



Gulls – “Wild” –mp3

Gulls Heycoolkid.net

Wild” comes on slow and passive only to develop into a swing, stomp, and clap along anthem for discontent of the place you call home. Basically this is a key addition to any proper spring soundtrack. (check out the rest of my review here).

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Wilhelm and the Dancing Animals – “Twice Alone” – mp3

Wilhelm And The Dancing animals - Heycoolkid.net

What can I say, I’m a sucker for male/female vocals bouncing off of each other, I’m an even bigger fan when female vocals are intensely focused with screaming passion (I had to re-write that sentence probably fifteen times to keep it from sounding like some perverted innuendo).

I did a review back in December for another great Wilhelm And The Dancing Animals (Origami Records) song “Wake Up” , check it out here.

I’ve been trying for months now to fit them onto a playlist but each time the song felt slightly out of place. These Pamplona,Spain natives have created exceptional music, unfortunately their Achilles heal is they are too heavy for a chill playlist and not quite hard enough for a heavy one, they are an island by themselves yet when you are in the mood to be there it is the only place you want to be.

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