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RADnotBAD: John Jack Joseph

30 Sep

John Jack Joseph-Optimized.


I was sitting at The Blackheart back in February, finally having made my way out to see Jack McBrearty (The Electric Friends, Partyy Dress) perform a solo set as John Jack Joseph, the project had just begun to grow legs and the awkwardness of having not acclimated fully to the absence of  having three friends to draw strength from as he had been doing for years with The Electric Friends was obvious, probably not so much to the laymen observer, the dude has clearly been playing shows for the better part of a decade, for someone who has seen him lose himself on stage as long as I have though it caught me off guard.

Near the end of his set he seemed to shrug some invisible chip off his shoulder and went into this slow driving song “Open-Ended, Middle-Class Blues,”  all the effects he had been using throughout the set to create some idealistic wall between he and the audience had been torn down and for the first moment in all the time I’ve seen the guy play he took complete command of his sound and forced it all into its proper place behind him as demons no longer allowed to torment him but instead to be used through some ancient spell as puppets to sway before the audience at each twitch of his hands. The bar hushed and turned to the stage, the bartenders, the other bands, even the traffic outside stopped to allow the presence of John Jack Joseph to speak.


Every set I’ve caught of his since that five minute magnetic moment you can see him honing in on whatever IT is. Each set the moment grows longer, each set he becomes more of a presence than a person, something about the way he has gone about his path leads us to believe he has always known it was there, like when Don Juan speaks to Castaneda about learning to know the precise time to dig up the plant so it will bring about knowledge rather than spiritual death, “a man goes to knowledge as he goes to war, wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it will live to regret his steps.” It is as if that fear, not so much of failure but instead of self-destruction, had kept him trying to find a Continue reading

Masochistic Masterpiece: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

2 Oct

Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare

Director: John Fasano

Writer: Jon-Mikl Thor

Year: 1987

HCK! Rating: “Hurts So Good”

Favorite Quote: “Let’s tune our weapons!”

Distributor: Academy Entertainment


I spend as much of my spare life seeking out the most awful movies ever made as I do tracking down new bands , I think it’s time I started sharing them. We’re not just talking the run of the mill, Mark Wahlberg is screaming at alien robots, kind of  bad movies, these are the deeper, “who in the hell was this made for”  painful, confusing, ridiculous type where time and existence melt and bend until nothing but a sea of unanswered questions brings you as close to a Timothy Leary level of consciousness as a mere mortal can get.

So where to start? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for weeks. With October finally here and my inner child geeking about Halloween I might as well make this first month dedicated to horror films. I can’t imagine a better one to start with than Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare. Continue reading

SXSW | Best Of | Morgan O’Kane

8 Apr

Morgan O'Kane 1 photo by Jay Armstrong

So I realize I’m dragging this whole SXSW 2014 way past its “fresh by” date but life happens ya know; moving, living, the usual. There is three, maybe four, “Best Of” posts left and all of these dudes (and babes) rule so I don’t mind if it is going on a month since seeing them. Great shows stick with you a while. Continue reading

SXSW 2014 | Best Of | Mozes and The Firstborn

19 Mar

Mozes And The Firstborn - SXSW 2014 - Bar 96 #1So where to begin on SXSW 2014? Despite the official showcases being dishearteningly less than incredible this year, the town being whitewashed with major corporate sponsorships, an over abundance of hip-hop sets in a town built on garage psyche and Willy Nelson, somehow this managed to surpass the level of stoked I have felt over previous years and those who have followed HCK! for any amount of time knows how impossible that seemed.

Continue reading

RADNOTBAD: Caleb McCoach

27 Jan

Caleb McCoach - Songs From An Empty Shore-Optimized

Caleb McCoach

Songs From An Empty Shore

Last week as I glared out of my window at the fresh Austin snow it became apparent that my attempts of moving south and escaping the cold forever have been for naught, what also was apparent is how I had completely forgotten about finalizing a winter mix which of course brought my thoughts back to the incredible music of Caleb McCoach and the realization that I have been keeping his album Songs From An Empty Shore a secret for way too long.

Whether acoustic based music is your bag or not it would be impossible hearing his songs without instantly feeling the  important brilliance within the lyrics. By becoming overtly personal the songs somehow metamorphose into these self-effacing attacks on social-mores in a way which is precisely cutting while simultaneously drawing the bow across chords of transcending openness, it is as if he were holding the light to some ill lit path of ominous shadows and unsure footing, whispering words of assurance with every step… Caleb McCoach may not know where we are going, yet somehow having him walking beside us makes the entire dark experience better. Continue reading


30 Apr

Told Slant-Optimized.


How in the hell has an album like Still Water been floating around for six months and I’m just now stumbling over it? It is so good it is important!

The fact that Told Slant are a band from Brooklyn* which doesn’t sound like every other band from Brooklyn Continue reading

Maybe Reality Is Not As Objective As It Seems

5 Sep

Baby Bird On 6th Street - Jay Armstrong

Okay baby birds here’s some raddness… forty tracks of it… gotsa make up for lost time.

Continue reading

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