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RADnotBAD: John Jack Joseph

30 Sep

John Jack Joseph-Optimized.


I was sitting at The Blackheart back in February, finally having made my way out to see Jack McBrearty (The Electric Friends, Partyy Dress) perform a solo set as John Jack Joseph, the project had just begun to grow legs and the awkwardness of having not acclimated fully to the absence of  having three friends to draw strength from as he had been doing for years with The Electric Friends was obvious, probably not so much to the laymen observer, the dude has clearly been playing shows for the better part of a decade, for someone who has seen him lose himself on stage as long as I have though it caught me off guard.

Near the end of his set he seemed to shrug some invisible chip off his shoulder and went into this slow driving song “Open-Ended, Middle-Class Blues,”  all the effects he had been using throughout the set to create some idealistic wall between he and the audience had been torn down and for the first moment in all the time I’ve seen the guy play he took complete command of his sound and forced it all into its proper place behind him as demons no longer allowed to torment him but instead to be used through some ancient spell as puppets to sway before the audience at each twitch of his hands. The bar hushed and turned to the stage, the bartenders, the other bands, even the traffic outside stopped to allow the presence of John Jack Joseph to speak.


Every set I’ve caught of his since that five minute magnetic moment you can see him honing in on whatever IT is. Each set the moment grows longer, each set he becomes more of a presence than a person, something about the way he has gone about his path leads us to believe he has always known it was there, like when Don Juan speaks to Castaneda about learning to know the precise time to dig up the plant so it will bring about knowledge rather than spiritual death, “a man goes to knowledge as he goes to war, wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it will live to regret his steps.” It is as if that fear, not so much of failure but instead of self-destruction, had kept him trying to find a Continue reading

RADnotBAD: The Electric Friends

7 Nov


Could The Electric Friends have pushed their first tangible release back any longer? I’ve had the early digital copy of Songs For Electric Friends burning in my pocket for months now waiting for it to be street legal. I leaked one track out of impatience for the most recent Friday The 13th mixtape but have held my tongue to give them a legit welcome to our hearts post until now, finally the day I get to share it with you losers has come.

The Electric Friends are one of those rare bands who actually have the balls to not conform to the current trend of pseudo-psychedelia or bourgeoisie rock n roll which backhandedly poisons and saturates current southern culture. Instead they are a band who within seconds of seeing on stage the reality of these songs being their chosen path to walk rather than a crutch they collectively lean on becomes crystal clear. There is a vast disappointing ocean full of bands flooding my inbox we cannot say the same for, there is solace in the skill of these dudes. Continue reading

Radnotbad: Friday The 13th

13 Jun

2014 - Friday the 13th Cover - 6-13-14-Optimized

Finally my favorite day of the year is upon us….Friday the 13th! Rather than taking the usual paragraph to explain what it is that I love so much about Friday the 13th’s, I can’t help but assume that if having a rad excuse to immerse ourselves in all things horror related isn’t something you find truly awesome then we probably wouldn’t be friends in the first place so why waste the effort defending myself to someone I don’t even like.

So I’m using today as a kind of toe in the water of what’s planned for Halloween. A few weeks ago I made up a few video mixtapes for the first time ever and it gave me those same fuzzies as accidentally catching a little side-boob when you’re in junior high which inspired me to try making up videos to put out in October to showcase my favorite bands in Austin. I began the week with the goal of making up ten and only finished four, (not half-assing shit takes time ya know). There are two near complete videos for The Bad Lovers and Rolland Hazard which I’ll probably just put up on the HCK! Facebook page so if you dig these count on having two more coming your way real soon.

All of these bands are important to me on a friend level so I’m really just stoked to have some way of showing just how much the dudes in the bands and the music they create mean to me and how it helps to embody my feelings that I live in the greatest city in the history of the universe. Hopefully all of you find a way of getting stoked and scared tonight, it’s a damn full moon after all, I hope these help set the tone for it all.


1. Pharaohs – “Chasin’ You”

Spike Jonze put out an absolutely brilliant zombie video for Phantom Planet in 2003. If the rumors are true Spike met the dudes at a party and just offered to do it for free. Nothing against the band but their song just didn’t do justice for how great Jonze’s vision developed out, it was heavily edited and featured the band in the process of making the video as a large chunk. At some point an uncut version surfaced under the title Le Zombie Du Noir which I’ve watched probably twenty times. It plays on the zombie cognition which George  A. Romero gets credit for entering into the zombie premise on Dawn of the Dead when the dude answers the police radio but I actually believe the scene in Night of the Living Dead when the guy smashes the headlight out is the first, I’ve been in a handful of late night conversations debating this belief. Continue reading

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