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HCK! Best Of 2015 (Part 3)

11 Jan

Best Best


10. Seth Bogart – “Eating Makeup” (Featuring Kathleen Hanna)


9. What Tyrants – “Lean On The World”


8. David Bowie – “Lazarus”


7. Thee Tsunamis – “Female Trouble”


6. Baby Jesus – “Cry, Cry, Cry”


5. Frankie & The Witch Fingers – “Lou Reed”


4. The Manhattan Love Suicides – “Nowhere Bound”


3. Sheer Mag – “Fan The Flames”


2. Leon Bridges – “Coming Home”


1. The Mystery Lights- “Too Many Girls”


HCK! Best of 2015 (Part 1)

HCK! Best of 2015 (Part 2)

HCK! Best of 2015 (Part 3)

HCK! Best Of 2015 (Part 2)

9 Jan
Best 2
25. Gross Pointe – “Bad Seed”


24. Datura4 – “Out With The Tide”


23. Thee Tsunamis – “Cry Baby”


22. Soul Low – “Always Watchin’ Out”


21. Pushy – “If I Cry”


20. Juan Waters – “Woodside, Queens”


19. Gospelbeach – “Sunshine Skyway”


18. Night Beats – “Power Child”


17. Beach Slang – “Ride The Wild Haze”


16. Dirty Streets – “Good Kind Of Women”


15. Penetration Moon – “Sluts In The City”

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Accepted Double Standards

9 Oct

What Tyrants

“4’s and 5’s”

Photo By Light The Underground Photography

Photo By Light The Underground Photography


There was a time when the bands in Austin weren’t jaded by self-importance, the output recently from Minneapolis reminds me in a big way of how perfect that once felt; What Tyrants help me put a face on the entire sentiment, albeit less grit, less loose, less present than their predecessors, still the heartbeat drives on angst, their sound delves for expression rather than a rote business model, they feel alive…. there doesn’t seem to be much of that going around lately.

What Tyrants have made one hell of a great record with No Luck (Forged Artifacts). It’s hard to believe this is their first full length, coming off discernibly similar to the glory days of In The Red Records, the first listen may be as magnetizing from some place of unrequited nostalgia as new kid on the block shine.

Forged Artifacts put this album out, if you happen to be unfamiliar it wouldn’t be time lost to place some focus in their direction.

Also worth digging:


What Tyrants – Bandcamp | Facebook | Forged Artifacts



The Manhattan Love Suicides

“Nowhere Bound”

The Manhattan Love Suicides-Optimized



I’m not sure if “Nowhere Bound” is my favorite song on this week’s mix from how great it is or how for whatever reason when it comes on in the background I consistently mistake the opening for being “First Time” from The Boys and once the mistake is realized I’m still cool with the similarity. Of course, the vocals with The Manhattan Love Suicides prove closer to a youthful Beach House  than a seventies English pop throwback.

The Manhattan Love Suicides feel like John Hughes films, pulling threads on all the feelings of loss and acceptance as if Nikki Sudden had kept a diary and requested someone who were obsessed with new-wave created an album from it. The entire More Heat! More Panic! (Odd Box Records / Squirrel Records) is an album meant for long drives on hooded sweatshirt nights, taking stake in nostalgia, loss, acceptance. A passive record giving only what you want from it, never forcing more, full of songs you might hear a thousand times and only enjoy in its ambiance; then that moment comes, alone, churning over some gnawing sentiment you could not shake while at the party and without warning POW some friend shows up in the speakers saying those things you need to hear, strong enough to speak boldly of their own flaws while embracing yours in all their beautiful imperfection.

As if enveloped in the holy ghost herself, songs such as “Nowhere Bound” bring an escapist’s redemption so strong, when the track ends and the silence of this huge daunting world creeps in you switch the stereo off and bathe in it, losing yourself in a warm glow of lonely vilifying existence. The New Manhattan Love Suicides help you appreciate the silence… and yourself.

The New Manhattan Love SuicidesBandcamp | Facebook | Odd Box Records | Squirrell Records



Sauna Youth

“Modern Living”

Sauna Youth.


“Modern Living” is intelligent far beyond the surface demeanor. The experience frantic, tensely aggressive, nihilistic even,  floored to the very end. Behind that veil though a complex architecture building upon itself every few measures, mirroring the structure with one more piece factored in. In theory the bridge where Lindsay Corstorphine‘s vocals take the form of space should be chill, calming, instead we experience our ex’s day three of being off their meds all over again, things are off and pointed directly at each of us individually, that momentary pause and suddenly it’s six AM at the end of an all night coke bender; can’t stop can’t slow down gotta keep positive. The ending arriving in pure Gandalf fashion, not late, nor early, just exactly how it was meant to.

Sauna Youth have been keeping my attention for some time, “Modern Living” is the one to stamp a place in my personal life though. I hope things continue to stay solid, I’d really like to see them make it stateside sooner than later.

Sauna Youth – Bandcamp | Facebook | Website






The Bombshells

“No More”

The Bombshells



Ruling with sweat and disgust The Bombeshells have just enough pop seniority to remind you why women always trump boys at being catchy without feeling contrived.

There is a special place in my heart between Thee Tsunamis and Bratmobile I hadn’t even realized needed to be filled until The Bombshells came along. This is yet one more band brought to us via Forged Artifacts. At the Continue reading

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